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Question: What about the Cache memory? and it usage?

Answer: Cache memory is a temporary memory.At the time of installation it will stores the required files to install.

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Question: What about the Cache memory? and it usage?

Cache memory is a temporary memory.At the time of installation it will stores the required files to install. Source:

Answered by: Chaitanya Varma | Date: 10/22/2008 | Contact Chaitanya Varma Contact Chaitanya Varma

Cache memory is storing the recently(continuously) accessed ur programs. so if u are opening next time. u can access fastly. Source:

Answered by: suresh | Date: 11/15/2008 | Contact suresh Contact suresh

Cache memory is the type of memory that services the CPU.Its is faster than the main memory and allows the CPU to execute instructions and read and write data at a higher speed. Source:

Answered by: Santosh Agrawal | Date: 11/20/2008 | Contact Santosh Agrawal Contact Santosh Agrawal

it is a buffer memory Source:

Answered by: murali | Date: 3/23/2009 | Contact murali Contact murali

the cache memory is the temporary memory in the system its help the micro processor & increase the speed of PC the most used file store in cache memory and when u open the file the request not we sent in micro processor what we cache memory open the file.....and help the microprocessor... Source:

Answered by: raveen | Date: 5/8/2009 | Contact raveen Contact raveen

Cache memory is nearest memory of the CPU. It is used for fast data processing. Source:

Answered by: Rohit | Date: 5/9/2009 | Contact Rohit Contact Rohit

cache memory is a memory which is used to store intermediary results produced by the processor, and the processor stores results which is to be accessed frequently. Source:

Answered by: rameshkumar pillai | Date: 7/10/2009 | Contact rameshkumar pillai Contact rameshkumar pillai

A CPU cache is a cache used by the central processing unit of a computer to reduce the average time to access memory. The cache is a smaller, faster memory which stores copies of the data from the most frequently used main memory locations. As long as most memory accesses are cached memory locations, the average latency (measure of time delay experienced in a system, the precise definition of which depends on the system and the time being measured.) of memory accesses will be closer to the cache latency than to the latency of main memory.

When the processor needs to read from or write to a location in main memory, it first checks whether a copy of that data is in the cache. If so, the processor immediately reads from or writes to the cache, which is much faster than reading from or writing to main memory

Most modern desktop and server CPUs have at least three independent caches: an instruction cache to speed up executable instruction fetch, a data cache to speed up data fetch and store, and a translation lookaside buffer used to speed up virtual-to-physical address translation for both executable instructions and data. Source:

Answered by: Bhupendra | Date: 2/13/2010 | Contact Bhupendra Contact Bhupendra

Cache Memory:
it is the temporary memory which store the recently closed applications.
For eg.if ur watching a movie due to some work u may be closing that application and u may shut down ur systemafter completing the work u need to open that application itself so u need not go to mycomputer and open that drive which it contains,just simply go to my documents and open recent documents.At this time the memor wil be stored in the cache Source:

Answered by: manaskumar | Date: 7/3/2010 | Contact manaskumar Contact manaskumar

when u open the file first time is slow after that once again open the same file is so fast open Source:

Answered by: upender | Date: 7/7/2010 | Contact upender Contact upender

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