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    Question :
    Which of the following involves context switch
    a)privileged instruction
    b)floating point exception
    c)system calls

    Posted by: ankush on 9/13/2008

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    Category Networking Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/13/2008
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    A context switch (also sometimes referred to as a process switch or a task switch) is the switching of the CPU (central processing unit) from one process or thread to another.

    hence the answer is none

    Posted by: shilpa    

    Contact shilpa Contact shilpa

    answer is all. any of the instruction comes cpu has to make context switch to other process

    Posted by: vinayak    

    Contact vinayak Contact vinayak

    The answer is c) System Calls

    Context switch is switching the process from one location that as been specified.
    Similiarly the system call call some other procedure during the execution of another process.

    Posted by: sri    

    Contact sri Contact sri

    On wikipedia

    The 3 reasons re given.
    Floating point unit, uses its own set of registers for doing the floating point arithmetic,
    These are registers used specifically for floating point arithmetic and are completely separate from the native x86 registers used for integer arithmetic. These constitute the floating point context of the CPU. This (apart from the native processor context) need to be saved/restored with each process context switch.

    System Calls are Interrupt itself.

    And Privilege instructions e.g. initiate I/O involve load/save from protected memory
    Operating systems hide privileged instructions and provide virtual instructions to access and manipulate virtual resources, e.g., I/O to and from disc files

    Hence answer should be "ALL" .

    Posted by: Swarnkar Rajesh    

    Contact Swarnkar Rajesh Contact Swarnkar Rajesh

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