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    Question :
    Why Switched to MBA after BCA?

    Posted by: neha on 9/10/2008

    Contact neha Contact neha
    Category Self Assessment Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/10/2008
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    i have more interest in marketing line than BCA. so i switched to MBA .

    Posted by: kavi    

    Contact kavi Contact kavi

    Switching to MBA(systems) after BCA is a good option if u like both technology with management skills.
    but if u like IT then MCA is good option.
    MBA is 2yrs course then 3yrs of MCA.
    why waste one year doing MCA if u DON'T like programming.Even u will get better job opportunities after doing MBA.

    Posted by: naughtynit    

    Contact naughtynit Contact naughtynit

    Initially i m interested in doing BCA because i have intereset in computer field but now i want to help may father in his business and parallel i want to make my identity in society...and if i want to earn more money then MBA is only good option for me. That's why i want to do MBA

    Posted by: kirti    

    Contact kirti Contact kirti

    Because in MBA we can understand Account based Works, and in BCA we can solve all computer related hardware and software works.

    Posted by: Snehasis    

    Contact Snehasis Contact Snehasis

    An MBA gives an extra edge in my future career. It is a study which focus on our personality development,which helps us not only improve our career,also other aspect too.

    Posted by: nabin saha    

    Contact nabin saha Contact nabin saha

    the answer to this ques. can be that
    i have done bca to enhance my technical skills which would further help me in MBA

    Posted by: sakshi    

    Contact sakshi Contact sakshi

    since the trend is, company asking for the managers who have some knowledge about the tech field to manage efficiently. so bca+mba wold be better choice in my opinion.

    Posted by: soni mishra    

    Contact soni mishra Contact soni mishra

    Initially after completing my 12th i thought that i should go for a technical field and finally i decided to go for BCA.
    but after the completion of BCA i come to know that it is not of my interest and i have interest in management type of field but it was also not waste of time because when we go for interviews they must ask about our computer knowledge which i had already doing mba after bca is beneficial.

    Posted by: maitry    

    Contact maitry Contact maitry

    Doing mba after bca is beneficial because you enhance your technical skills and also the managerial skills which ultimately benefits you in future in your career

    Posted by: pkt    

    Contact pkt Contact pkt

    Actually i am interested in computer applications so i did bca now after i choose mba because mba has a wider scope in corporate world and doing mba helps to use me my technical skills as well as managerial skills which helps me growing in my profession and i can also use these skills for my company growth and development.

    Posted by: sreeni    

    Contact sreeni Contact sreeni

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