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    Question :
    What is cts and cls?

    Posted by: gnanaselvi on 9/9/2008

    Contact gnanaselvi Contact gnanaselvi
    Category DotNet Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/9/2008
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    =>cls stands for common language specification where as
    cts stands for common type system.
    =>CLS : cls is a standard for .net . cls is small set of specification to make all languages as a .net compliant languages. cls make a use of cts and clr. if my languages (c#,,j#,vc++) wants to be compliant language it has to follow cls standard.

    =>CTS : Common Type System is also a standard like cls. If two languages (c# or or j# or vc++) wants to communicate with eachother, they have to convert into some common type (i.e in clr common language runtime). In c# we use int which is converted to Int32 of CLR to communicate with which uses Integer or vice versa

    Posted by: Saurin    

    Contact Saurin Contact Saurin

    CLS: It Sand For Common Language Specification Which has to follow All Language. All DataType which follows cls specification are Language Interoperability.Unit is non cls part of data type.cls is called as SuperSet.
    CTS: It Stand For Common Type System Which provides universe data type available in dotnet.
    Unit is part of is also called as Subset.

    Posted by: Gajanan Shinde    

    Contact Gajanan Shinde Contact Gajanan Shinde

    Common Language Specification is a set of constructs and constraints that serves as a guide for library writers and compiler writers. The Common Language Specification is subset of the Common Type System(CTS).

    The Common Type System defines how types are declared, used, and managed in the runtime, and is also an important part of the runtime's support for cross-language integration.

    Posted by: vishnu    

    Contact vishnu Contact vishnu

    CLS means common language specification which says that all .net languages(c# or or when compiled has to generate the same type of IL code when targeting the .net framework.
    CTS means common type system which says that all the data types present in various .net languages should adopt the same data,while converting code to,integer of is shown as int32 to c# by Intermediate language(IL).

    Posted by: ram    

    Contact ram Contact ram

    cls:comman language specification we abbrivate,now ls: language specificaion means list of syntactical rules to build one application or progarm or language,and here these ruls comman to all dotnet compatible languages.
    ex: c#(dotnet comatible lang)
    (why comman rules?)=improving conversion capabulity to an applicaion or program or language by internolly only.
    cts:by using any lang,if we want declare variable(i) as 10,needs different structures as per the lang rules& structure,but here 1 common format internolly understood by .net f/w is cts available in diff modes...int16,int32

    Posted by: kurmanath    

    Contact kurmanath Contact kurmanath

    cls is a standard for .net . cls is small set of specification to make all languages as a .net compliant languages.
    All DataType which follows cls specification are Language Interoperability.Unit is non cls part of data type.cls is called as SuperSet.

    Posted by: Arvind Rathour    

    Contact Arvind Rathour Contact Arvind Rathour

    CLS defines a set of rules that enables interoperability on the .NET platform. These rules serve as a guide to third-party compiler designers and library builders. The CLS is a subset of CTS and therefore the language supporting the CLS can use each others' class libraries as if they are their own.

    Posted by: Shankar kumar    

    Contact Shankar kumar Contact Shankar kumar

    This is a subset of the CTS which all .NET languages are expected to support. It was always a
    dream of Microsoft to unite all different languages in to one umbrella and CLS is one step
    towards that. Microsoft has defined CLS which are nothing but guidelines that language to follow
    so that it can communicate with other .NET languages in a seamless manner.

    Posted by: selva    

    Contact selva Contact selva

    CTS is common type system and it defines a certain default data types.
    CLS is a common Language System and it defines certain rules for the language.
    A language must meet the requirements of CLS and CTS to be a managed language.

    Posted by: Manjushree     

    Contact Manjushree Contact Manjushree

    .Net framework contains two types
    1)CLR:CLR standard for common language run rime.This runtime environment that manages the execution of the code and it provide the sevices(memory mgmt,thraed mgmt,security mgmt,code mgmt)
    2)FCL:Short for Framework class library.The collective name for the thousand of classes that compose the .net framework

    Posted by: ravinderreddyk    

    Contact ravinderreddyk Contact ravinderreddyk

    CTS: Short for Common Type System.It describe how types are declare,used and managed.CTS facilities cross language integration,type fastly and high performance code execution.
    CLS:Short for Common Language Specification. It is a specification that defines the rules to support language integration.

    Posted by: ravinderreddyk    

    Contact ravinderreddyk Contact ravinderreddyk

    CTS: Common type system that deals with the datatypes of .net
    CLS: Common Language System With a set of rules for defining the proper conditions relative to the language to communicate each other and easy understanding.

    Posted by: Sakthi    

    Contact Sakthi Contact Sakthi

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