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Question :
What are the difference between node,host,terminal,system,hub?

Posted by: chitra on 8/3/2013

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Category Computer Networks Interview Questions
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Added on 8/3/2013
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These are all different things in networking.
Hub:Where we connect all the the links for a networking connection.
Node:It can be identified as a one connection.
Host:is nothing than if you are going to send a request to the server the questioned system can be know as a host.

Posted by: Kevin.M.Maxwell

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node : it can be any network device
host : it represents computers/work stations
hub : network device used to increase the, reach-ability of signal re-generator it works in physical layer

Posted by: sivaji

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node:a port that through connect another computer or device
host:host a comnputer which is in working condition/workstation
hub:hub a network device that through we can connect two or more computer on a specific place
it provide single broadcost domain
it regenerate of signal

Posted by: sushil kumar singh

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HUB: hub is a device that use to connect the nodes. in star topology we use HUB to provide the nodes with connection.
HOST: be any end system connected to internet it may be a port-able computer, home security system, cell phone, printer etc.
NOTE: host and end system be the same thing.
NODE: its be the device connected to a network for example in a LAN computers and printers be nodes.

Posted by: malik muhammad mehran

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