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Question :
What is the difference between linux and windows operating systems?

Posted by: lakshmi on 7/4/2013

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Category Operating Systems Interview Questions
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Added on 7/4/2013
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It is an open source software free of cost and the source code will be available for linux os.
Microsoft Windows:-
It is a proprietary os, it doesn't contain source code. We have to pay cost for the original os.

Posted by: raghuram

Contact raghuram Contact raghuram

Linux is multiuser, multitasking operating system where as Windows is single user, multitasking operating system.
Linux is command based where as Windows is GUI

Posted by: Meenakumari

Contact Meenakumari Contact Meenakumari

windows is more user friendly than linux.

Posted by: ashish kumar gupta

Contact ashish kumar gupta Contact ashish kumar gupta

Linux is more secure then the windows OS. But window provids a more user friendly interface then the linux.

Posted by: upendra vaishnow

Contact upendra vaishnow Contact upendra vaishnow

Linux is a freeware software which is being developed day by day, which is more secure than windows OS. Linux is user friendly when compared with MS windows OS.

Posted by: jithender

Contact jithender Contact jithender

Basically different in language.Linux os can't understand my a commmon people where as Windows os can easily understand by common people

Posted by: Amit kumar singh

Contact Amit kumar singh Contact Amit kumar singh

linux is ccommand bassed oprating system while window is graphical bassed .......

linux is not user friendly while window is user frendly ..
window is not virus free oprating system while linux is virus free oprating system....

window have less security than linux......

linux support multitasking ,multiuser,and so on
but it is not possible in window...

we can change oprating system in linux according to own requrement...but window have not avilable this facility...

window is drive bassed oprating system while linux is directory bassed oprating system....

Posted by: Dinesh kr Jetking

Contact Dinesh kr Jetking Contact Dinesh kr Jetking

In windows every file is treated as an executable,whereas in Linux ,it treat it as a text file.

Posted by: neeraj singh

Contact neeraj singh Contact neeraj singh

linux is best suited for any networking organisation as it provides more security over a network and even mpre options and flexibility

Posted by: rahul jain

Contact rahul jain Contact rahul jain

The password of linux can't be cracked because it uses DSA/RSA/Hashed algorithm.
The password of Windows can be broken because it uses Encryption algo which can be decrypted because it uses specific sybols for specific characters/numbers, unlike Linux

Posted by: Anuj Chadha

Contact Anuj Chadha Contact Anuj Chadha

linex is a open source and multitasking operating system and very inportant feather in this oprating system no exe file include so it is no virus infecated on this oprating system becuase virus is attck is mostly on exe file. so linex is safe on virus .so many big companies are used linex server .linex is command base oprating system oterwise window is graffic and command base .linex also multiuser operating system .other word linex user are divided session .so many user work on them .windows is a simple on linex because window is gui and always used on home and office

Posted by: pramod kumar

Contact pramod kumar Contact pramod kumar

Linux is also GUI compare to Windows Linux provide more secuirty and virus free systems.Some Window based OS are also multiuser but not 100% multiuser system.Linux is a pure multiuser system.

Posted by: Neha Shah

Contact Neha Shah Contact Neha Shah

anyway LINUX, is a free OS everything is free the source code and you are free to modify it at your own convenience unlike Windows which is not. but fortunately windows offers a more user friendly approach than linux which is for advance users only. I dont agree that linux is more secured than microsoft. all OS are vulnerable to hackers unless the OS itself is written by a computer (: which is unfortunately not but we are the one who programmed it thats why its us who could break it right? windows monopolize the market in terms of OS that's why most hackers try to break it than LINUX OS. so someday if linux will be monopolizing the market expect that they will be vulnerable to hackers too. hehehe that's all folks

Posted by: mark

Contact mark Contact mark

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