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    Question :
    Please tell me what about your self?

    Please tell me operation executive (insurance) questions?

    Posted by: Varinder Singh on 6/19/2008

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    Category Self Assessment Interview Questions
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    Added on 6/19/2008
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    These are the questions that are very normally and generally asked in an interview. In an interview , first of all the most important thing is effective communication and reasonable answers. With that I mean that you must be able to communicate your message to interviewer very clearly and in an understandable way. It must be upto the point with use of correct grammar and vocabulary. And most of all it must be precise. Anything you say, should have a reason to it. <br><br>1. Tell something about yourself?<br><br>Listen Varinder , every question asked by the interviewer has a motive in it , that is what kind of answer or information he is expecting from you . What kind of answer or data he needs when he asks this sort of question. You should only emphasize on that bit of data or information.<br>Now with this question in hand , he as an employer surely wants to know about yourself that is more sort of related towards your professional background and career preferences,acheivements, interests skills. I am sure , he wont be interested in knowing which school you passed out, whats your father's name etc. <br>One more thing, he may even be not interested in your own name. He has focus only your above mentioned technical and professional background, career interests and achievements. <br>So, its better not to dictate things that he is not interested in , unless he prompts for that because it may dilute your overall presentation. I mean to say , at some points the interviewer may not show interests and try to relax and may lack attention. Which in turn may overshadow the very important points that really mattered the most. <br><br><br>Tell me somthing about yourself Part 2<br>So , what I believe that the best answer could be ---<br><br><br>Sir, Let me start with my qualification. <br>---- I did my schooling from DPS(mention just the city name if not a very renowned school) in Sciences . <br>----------------- Short Smile ----------<br><br>----After that I got a chance to the graduation in Computers. <br>---- I did my PG in Computers where I was always amongst the toppers. <br><br>As far as my professional expereince goes - i have x years of expereince. <br><br>Then you need to give brief idea of the knowledge you gained in the field over the years. The challenges you faced in the industry . You must always be ready with two such challenges you may have faced in the industry or thru your academics or technology. The latest projects that you have worked on. And last but not the least your career interests and what would you, likely be able to achieve in the coming years. <br><br>Even if you are a fresher just omit the experience years and give more stress over the career goals, challenges and future achievments in the industry . <br><br>Also I would like to say , whichever company's inerview you appear, Remember a few important things.<br><br>*Dress up neatly with polished shoes, trousers and shirt well ironed. <br>*As you enter the room, you need to shake hands with the interviewer firmly and wear a smile on your face, always. <br>*Its better to know about the company that you are appearing and must pocess the goals , services and standards adopted by the concerned company. All this information could be collected through the company's website before hand. <br>*Answer confidently and correctly , Do not try to bluff. If you are not confirm with your answer its always better answer to say=== I am not sure with that.. or Sorry sir... or Sir You may ask something else. This is because bluffing may lead to serious trouble and lots of weird questions that may ultimately confuse you and may cost you a job. <br><br><br>Tell me something about youeself<br>So this is the third and final part of this very critical but simple question, simply because you know the best about yourself .<br><br>Listen Varinder , Potential employers always seeks a candidate who is able to give correct and precise answers, who does not bluff. <br><br>Usually poeple have misconceptions that if you leave a question unanswered or give a wrong answer , you are in seriuos trouble. Its never like that . Theres always a percentage or a ratio that needs to be keep in mind. Depending upon the company's reputation and standards and the kind of work and posts that you are applying for , you may always have a scope to get a few wrong ans. and excuse some tough questions. <br><br>But in the end it always depend on the ratio. Even if you ansered 5 on10 correct , you always win the race. ( Conditionly those 5 are very accurate and precisely answered in a neat fashion with effective communication, other 5 being unanswered and not wrong )<br><br>You can compare it with an entrance exam where in , you score negative for wrong answers and your all answers may not be right. You leave some questions unanswered. Thats the best way to do it. But in the end we see that the toppers are the ones with just 55% marks or the cutoff is somewhere around 50%. Its just that some questions are tough and some are cakewalks. But cakewalks are always lesser than the tough ones. <br><br><br>I hope you may have got your answer. All this information is compiled by me with my past experiences and knowledge. It involves lots of interaction with various poeple in industry with diverse backgrounds. Mr Sahu being one of them. So , its always better to be in touch with intelligent and career focussed poeple that may always inspire you or give important knowledge or help out with current industry standards and entry level skills. Well, after all you are the one who needs to take a decesion on your career and make up a mind on your career preference as soon as possible. <br><br><br>Best Of LUCK<br>Thanks and regards<br>Abhay Goyal

    Posted by: Abhay Goyal     

    Contact Abhay Goyal Contact Abhay Goyal

    What were the five most significant accomplishments in your career so far?

    Posted by: Suraj Singh Negi    

    Contact Suraj Singh Negi Contact Suraj Singh Negi

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