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    Question :
    Can you explain V model in manual testing?

    Posted by: rajankanth on 6/9/2008

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    Category Testing Interview Questions
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    Added on 6/9/2008
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    In the V Model SDLC, both the Development activity and the testing activities start almost at the same time with the same information. The development team does design and development and test team does the Test planning, scripting and testing. It?s a parallel process for both development and testing. This model steps are quite similar to waterfall model. This is the one of the most popular model of software test life cycle.

    Posted by: sridevi challa    

    Contact sridevi challa Contact sridevi challa

    V model in Manual testing stands for Verification and Validation model.This model we use for testing purpose.In this model we focus more on Testing.Here the Testing activites start right from requirement gathering.For each SDLC life cycle model we have parallel Testing activites.

    Posted by: Atul Saurabh    

    Contact Atul Saurabh Contact Atul Saurabh

    In the Vmodel SDLC we have to perform parallel operation for development and testing.the chart for V-model is
    Requirement analysis ->User acceptance testing
    High level document -> system testing
    Low level document ->Integration testing
    Code -> unit testing
    And V model is also called as Verification and validation. It is very similar to Water fall method.

    Posted by: kalaiselvan    

    Contact kalaiselvan Contact kalaiselvan

    In V-model development part in left side (requirements,analysys,implementation) and testing in right side(unit testing,UAT...)

    Posted by: vinu    

    Contact vinu Contact vinu

    Th execution happens in a v shape & the Delivery happens paralelly.
    Verification process is called as Do procss and validasation phase is check procedure.

    Posted by: kallola sahoo    

    Contact kallola sahoo Contact kallola sahoo

    v-model is nothing but verification and validation, verification is done development environment validation is done testing environment. In v-model testing activity is done with development activities. In the sense of testing documentation will be done first,later test execution will come in to the picture.

    Posted by: madan kumar udatha    

    Contact madan kumar udatha Contact madan kumar udatha

    v MODEL stands for verification&validation model both are done test management process is followed the outcome will be a quality product so it is a costly model.

    Posted by: Rekha.Kalluru    

    Contact Rekha.Kalluru Contact Rekha.Kalluru

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