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    Question :
    Why did u choose this career?
    Category HR Interview Questions
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    Added on 5/20/2008
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    According to me I can enhance my skill and knowledge in this career and I feel that I have more opportunities here to express myself.Therefore I choose this as career.

    Posted by: anargatte girish s    

    Contact anargatte girish s Contact anargatte girish s

    Right from my childhood days i was very much interested in correcting the things which are around. I have the passion to join the QA field in software and associate in getting a product bug free to the maximum extent

    Posted by: Mushtaq    

    Contact Mushtaq Contact Mushtaq

    I think this company & post which i applied for suits me & my career skills very much.i also think this organization is one of the leading companies in ...... i think it would be good for me if i become a part of this organization to groom myself in this field.

    Posted by: MAYANK SURI    


    i choose the software line.bcoz i konw it never goes down.But u ask what is the present situation?this situation is not permanent.its only a cyclic turn up...

    Posted by: N.Magalaxmi    

    Contact N.Magalaxmi Contact N.Magalaxmi

    This career prompt me with the knowledge and skills which I can use my throughout life. As managing human asset is the precious most inportant thing in life.

    Posted by: ashwani guleria    

    Contact ashwani guleria Contact ashwani guleria

    because here my skills are match to this field and i can also enhance my present skills and also this is the only field where i can so my skills better either choosing other fields....

    Posted by: chinmayee    

    Contact chinmayee Contact chinmayee

    I choose HR for Specilization coz I can make it out very soon the right & wrong Person for any position. Also I have seen there is a lack of awarenes in hiring the employees & manage them, trend them & how to put the human assets in a wright way.

    Posted by: Madhuri S.    

    Contact Madhuri S. Contact Madhuri S.

    i was interested in this career from my child hood and i prepare myself from those day.

    Posted by: jit    

    Contact jit Contact jit

    I am a good analyser and motivator thats why i choose as my carrer.

    Posted by: velu    

    Contact velu Contact velu

    From my chaildwood days my uncle was working in bank by seing him and job loyalty I inspired by him. so that I decided to be in banking feild

    Posted by: Pavan kumar    

    Contact Pavan kumar Contact Pavan kumar

    I choose this career because of my bright future...i mean this is the only career where i can prove myself and increase my personality and overall growth....and make me well professional....

    Posted by: Sandeep Aggarwal    

    Contact Sandeep Aggarwal Contact Sandeep Aggarwal

    iam interested in management line because today in time management line is very necessary and good growth evey yerars

    Posted by: nadnlal    

    Contact nadnlal Contact nadnlal

    I feel i will be fit to this career where i can contribute my skills and abilities with good knowledge and inturn be supported by the organisation both being mutually benefitted.

    Posted by: Sailata Jandhyala    

    Contact Sailata Jandhyala Contact Sailata Jandhyala

    I have sound knowledge in this career and i hope this is the best place for me where i can grow along with your company

    Posted by: ujwala    

    Contact ujwala Contact ujwala

    i am interested in Admin jobs bcz most of my friends prefer software only, but am unique from my friends and differ from others thats y prefer this admin jobs....

    Posted by: sheik ibrahim.k    

    Contact sheik ibrahim.k Contact sheik ibrahim.k

    since my childhood..i was interested in getting into every detail of everything..and computer apps were most interesting..i always wanted to be able to develop i chose this i can develop softwares of my own

    Posted by: kiran    

    Contact kiran Contact kiran

    I choose hr manager as my career,not only to place my self in a good position,but also my employees who are with me in the corporate,in terms of patience,commitment,confident and consistence.

    Posted by: sarita pradhan    

    Contact sarita pradhan Contact sarita pradhan

    I choose hr manager as my career,not only to place my self in a good position,but also my employees who are with me in the corporate,in terms of patience,commitment,confident and consistence.

    Posted by: sarita pradhan    

    Contact sarita pradhan Contact sarita pradhan

    i m chossing this field bcoz in this field i can easily utilise my skill and i will become a successull person

    Posted by: shrinath    

    Contact shrinath Contact shrinath

    Hr is a place wr i can be improve myself....

    Posted by: R.Shyam Sundar    

    Contact R.Shyam Sundar Contact R.Shyam Sundar

    I choose this career because i thought this is is the only platform
    where i can express my self, my ability as well as my capability. through this, i can build my own image & make my self a common personality to uncommon personality.

    Posted by: Bibhudatta Mishra    

    Contact Bibhudatta Mishra Contact Bibhudatta Mishra

    I choosed my mba HR, I wanted to make a business in my future life thats why i did M.B.A (HR),I wanted to learn more in HR field ,I am very much of interesting in HR Professional ,In my future i will be good decision maker and good HR Persons ,All the best for in future HR passionates.

    Posted by: Gomathi Bala A.S    

    Contact Gomathi Bala A.S Contact Gomathi Bala A.S

    the post of hr is respective job!i would like proof to people women can do management very well equal to men as a women i can! & i would like to become good position in my future hence i chosen the posting of hr!!!!

    Posted by: revathi    

    Contact revathi Contact revathi

    I want to learn more HR work. Because my short term gole and long term goles is allso relared to HR activities. I want to be a successful HR Manager.I Believe that I can do it.

    Posted by: Pankajkumari    

    Contact Pankajkumari Contact Pankajkumari

    HR Deal with the "mind" and "reality"
    as it is a backbone of the company,HR appeals directly to the behaviour and working environment of the employees..I am passionate and interested to work in this field,and i think passion decide our success in quality that i want as a Best successfull HR

    Posted by: SHILPA MEHTA    


    As I started my career with in the electrical and electronics stream, I want to improve my knowledge keeping in HR field to what extent I can full fill my dreams and as well as organization goals.

    Posted by: Vinod Vumar    

    Contact Vinod Vumar Contact Vinod Vumar

    As being human its necessary for us to have feelings in us for humans, and humans stood as the back bone of the Company. The field that is directly relates with us could be easier for us to manage. And if one found the career in which it can manage easily he or she should go for it. And that's i do....

    Posted by: Muhammad Naveed    

    Contact Muhammad Naveed Contact Muhammad Naveed

    I have chosen my career as hr because it is a right platform for me where i can utilize my skills and acquire traits related to analyzing people

    Posted by: dhanunjay yadas    

    Contact dhanunjay yadas Contact dhanunjay yadas

    As per my interest in this specific area and knowledge in this field, may help me utilize my abilities

    Posted by: MAITREE SINGH    


    As per my interest in this specific area and knowledge in this field, may help me utilize my abilities

    Posted by: MAITREE SINGH    


    some hr interview questions
    send me my mail

    Posted by: Ashish    

    Contact Ashish Contact Ashish

    I have choosen HR field bcoz i think it is a right platform to use my knowledge,skills and there is a chance to know about all humans pulse and how to managing relations also its a very important in human feeling very great to have this HR field

    Posted by: vasantha    

    Contact vasantha Contact vasantha

    i have chosen this field because i have to growth in life ,and i want to prove my self that this the right platform to prove my self,along with the company growth.....

    Posted by: p sandeep kumar    

    Contact p sandeep kumar Contact p sandeep kumar

    i want to understand the human nature in the different circumstances that how they behave and feel because only HR is the field and hr person is the person who deals with different kind of personnels and grievances between them .
    so i coosed this particular field.

    Posted by: raghvendra dubey    

    Contact raghvendra dubey Contact raghvendra dubey

    Since my Childhood, I am quite passionate about this field and my quality is compatible to this profile and i think this the field, Where i can grow my self at optimum extent.

    Posted by: samir.    

    Contact samir. Contact samir.

    Human Resource is basically relates with managing people. Managing with different kind of people and their attitudes is greatest learning in life. That is why i choose HR as my career.

    Posted by: jyothi    

    Contact jyothi Contact jyothi

    According to me,My skills are match to this field.I feel that i have more oppurtunities here to express myself.That's why i choose this as career.

    Posted by: SRINU    

    Contact SRINU Contact SRINU

    my inner thirst to creativity in my given field is compatible, as well adequate encouraging factors are available in this job.

    Posted by: yssubramanyam    

    Contact yssubramanyam Contact yssubramanyam

    hr is the only field where we can interact with the people and it is the platform where we study ourselves
    and others .It helps to bring out our leader ship quality through motivation.

    Posted by: saraj    

    Contact saraj Contact saraj

    I think it enhance the knowleadge and skill and help to sportive dicssion and also help to devlope our +ve attitude so iprefer this

    Posted by: Shubhashree Uttarroy    

    Contact Shubhashree Uttarroy Contact Shubhashree Uttarroy

    HR is the platform where I can manage my job and family easily. I can give time to my kids also and this is the only job where I can interact with so many peoples and achive more knolwedge and good circle also.

    Posted by: Sarika    

    Contact Sarika Contact Sarika

    i choose hr field because this is the best platform to express yourself,communicate with diffrent kinds of people and helps in understanding the human nature in diffrent situation And cicumstances.

    Posted by: Archana    

    Contact Archana Contact Archana

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