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Question: Tell me about yourself?


Category HR Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode / Learning Mode
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Added on 5/20/2013
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Question: Tell me about yourself?


just introuduce your self like your Educatonal back ground and the your working Experiance and what roles and responiplities done that company and what is your achivemnt and ambitoin and your family backgroud Source:

Answered by: vediyappan | Date: 6/3/2008 | Contact vediyappan Contact vediyappan

Tell about your skills and experience and shows why you are qualified for the job: I attended ABC University, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Information Science three years ago. I started working as a junior IT technician right after I graduated, and after a year I was promoted to IT technician. Source:

Answered by: Sumit Goyal | Date: 6/10/2008 | Contact Sumit Goyal Contact Sumit Goyal

Good morning sir?! I am Arun currently pursuing my Third year BE computer science engineering in Srinivasa technology near poonamallee. I did my schooling in Avichi Hr secondary school located at virukambakkam and passed out with 80% marks. My strengths are I can easily mingle with people and can communicate easily with others. I am an organized and self motivated person. I have enough confidence and will power to do any kind of functions that are assigned to me. I have potential to grasp things easily. I learn new information and data easily. My weakness is that I am a very short-tempered person and nowadays I am practicing yoga to overcome that. My hobbies are?(If u have any hobbies please mention here). (Please mention if u are really interested in a particular game or sports?) I love traveling and visiting different kinds of people. I like people who are really dedicated to their tasks and I hate people who deny opportunities.

After telling all these things just relax yourself and say ? I believe that A good name is better than riches (it?s a proverb it may attract the HR) so wherever I go I will do my level best to get a good name?.

Answered by: Anne graciya | Date: 6/11/2008 | Contact Anne graciya Contact Anne graciya

Hi all! there's no hr round without this question... So,juz kool n be prepared with few points about yourself covering ur educational background,your goals, your strengths n weaknesss, ur hobbies n try to put a word that ur capable to be in teams , quick learner, hard working, is potential to get wid tasks n all...
Be crisp n precise! More over, be confident in what u say... Dats enuf i hope! :) Source:

Answered by: Buvaneshwari S | Date: 8/10/2008 | Contact Buvaneshwari S Contact Buvaneshwari S

Iam himanshu pusruing final year B.E. in computers. After completing my XII from kms i joined nsit. My biggest strength is dat iam a quick learner, i am adaptive to changes and easily get adjustd with the changing circumstances. i hav strong will power and also wants to acheive new weakness is dat i asily blieve people and impatient wen it comes to completing sum work....i love travelling and making frds,,... i blong to a less educated family father is a businessman and ma mother is housewife nd a very gud cook. my elder sister is handling my fathers business work,,...
nd my philosophy towards life is dat always hav a desire nd never get satisfied...... Source:

Answered by: himanshu thakur | Date: 7/27/2009 | Contact himanshu thakur Contact himanshu thakur

you all need to do is to relate your profile with company's job requirement.say more about your other activities( like NCC, sports, competitions, in plant training.} other than studies.since they will ask technical question separately to know about your knowledge. be bold. even if u make mistake be bold to acknowledge. don't worry u will get a job even though not this in this mentality to be brave in interview. Source:

Answered by: jothi reman | Date: 8/22/2009 | Contact jothi reman Contact jothi reman

I am Vinay Kumar Singh, a commerce graduate from Umeshchandra College under CU.I have worked for Pepsi Co India Holdings Pvt. Ltd.(Fritolay-Division)as an Packaging Machine Operator for more than 4 yrs. My father is a service man and mother is a housewife.I have two elder brothers both are service man. Source:

Answered by: vinay kumar singh | Date: 7/30/2010 | Contact vinay kumar singh Contact vinay kumar singh

My name is M.V.N.S.Ramakrishna.I am native of Nunki which is presented at 20 kilometers away from Vijayawada.I completed my schooling In completed my Intermediate in Gothart Junior College.I Completed my V.R.Siddhartha Engineering College with aggregate of 70% with C.S.E.Stream.
playing Cricket,listening music are my hobbies.

Answered by: Ramakrishna | Date: 8/31/2010 | Contact Ramakrishna Contact Ramakrishna

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