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    Question :
    What is alpha tesging and beta testing ?

    Posted by: rajankanth on 5/19/2008

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    Category Testing Interview Questions
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    Added on 5/19/2008
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    Alpha testing:- It is a type of user acceptance testing done in the software company by the test engineers.

    Beta testing:- It is a type of user acceptance testing done in the cliens place either by the third party testers or by the end users before actual implementation.

    Posted by: Baleshwari    

    Contact Baleshwari Contact Baleshwari

    before release of a project to public some tests are performed by developers in presence of debugger.that test is known as alpha testing

    Posted by: poonam khilolani    

    Contact poonam khilolani Contact poonam khilolani

    Alpha test: An acceptance test conducts at the development site
    Beta test: An acceptance test conducts at a customer site.

    Posted by: Nanaji .G    

    Contact Nanaji .G Contact Nanaji .G

    testing done on the application within the company on an application is alpha testing
    if testing is done at the customers place then it is beta testing

    Posted by: ghouse    

    Contact ghouse Contact ghouse

    acceptance testing that is performend at development side is called alpha testing .
    while the acceptance testing i.e performed at custormer or user side is called beta testing.

    Posted by: ritika    

    Contact ritika Contact ritika

    Alpha Testing: This is one type of UAT(User Acceptance Testing) which is done by client at developers site for mainly software applications.Here the application development is complete but still there might be any change done.

    Beta Testing:This is one type of UAT(User Acceptance Testing) which is done by End-users at Clients/Customer's site for mainly software Products.Here the development of the product is completed(mandatory) but still some defects are need to be fixed.

    Posted by: Arun Mishra    

    Contact Arun Mishra Contact Arun Mishra

    Alpha testing

    Alpha testing is simulated or actual operational testing by potential users/customers or an independent test team at the developers' site. Alpha testing is often employed for off-the-shelf software as a form of internal acceptance testing, before the software goes to beta testing.[33]
    [edit] Beta testing

    Beta testing comes after alpha testing and can be considered a form of external user acceptance testing. Versions of the software, known as beta versions, are released to a limited audience outside of the programming team. The software is released to groups of people so that further testing can ensure the product has few faults or bugs. Sometimes, beta versions are made available to the open public to increase the feedback field to a maximal number of future users.

    Posted by: Gaurav kumar Diljan    

    Contact Gaurav kumar Diljan Contact Gaurav kumar Diljan

    Alpha testing:- it conduct by company employers,

    beta testing:- it conduct by client(customer) site.client test by his users.

    Posted by: magaram    

    Contact magaram Contact magaram

    alpha testing is done by the tester in the development site.
    beta testing is done by the tester in the end user site.

    Posted by: shanmugapriya    

    Contact shanmugapriya Contact shanmugapriya

    testing:test to uncover errors,logical internals,ensure to i/p will give coorect o/p

    alpha:first step of testing,testing by developers,debugging within company.
    beta:secon step,testing by high level partner or collaborated copanies,groups of users

    Posted by: deepankar gangwar    

    Contact deepankar gangwar Contact deepankar gangwar

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