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    Question :
    In a Bus there are 7 people.Each one carry 7 bags. Each bag contains 7 cat.Each cat carry 7 small cats. How many legs are there in the bus?

    Posted by: Vignesh on 3/7/2008

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    Category Logical & Aptitude Interview Questions
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    Added on 3/7/2008
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    Posted by: Nithya    

    Contact Nithya Contact Nithya

    7*2(people) + 7*7*7*4(cats) + 7*7*7*7*4(small cats) = 10990

    Posted by: bhagya    

    Contact bhagya Contact bhagya

    4x7x7=196---legs of small cats each cat has.
    4x7=28-- legs of cats in bags.
    so total legs in each bag is 196+28=224.
    each has7 bags. so total legs in 7 bags=1568.
    7 people having 7 bags=>1568x7=10976 legs.
    and each man has 2 legs
    so total legs are 10976+(7x20)=10990

    Posted by: sita ram murthy    

    Contact sita ram murthy Contact sita ram murthy

    Total bags = 7
    Each bag has 7 cats
    so Total Cats are (7 *7) 49.
    Each Cat carry 7 Small cats .
    Total cats + small cats are (49*7) = 343.
    Total cat legs = 343 * 4 = 1372
    People legs = 7 * 2 = 14

    Total Legs in the bus = 1372 +14 =1386.

    Posted by: Shankar Reddy    

    Contact Shankar Reddy Contact Shankar Reddy

    People = 14
    Big cats = 7*7*7*4
    small cats = 7*7*7*7*4

    Sum = 10990

    Posted by: Vinod    

    Contact Vinod Contact Vinod


    Posted by: naveen    

    Contact naveen Contact naveen


    Posted by: ankush    

    Contact ankush Contact ankush

    7 people* legs(2)= 14 legs
    7 bags ==>
    in one bag ( 7 big cats, each cat(with 7 kittens* 4 legs= 28 small legs } [i.e 1 big cats with (28+4=)32 legs]
    therefore 32 *7 =224 legs in each bag.

    such 7 bags
    therefore 7*224 =1568 total cat legs in the bags)

    added to these 1568 legs are 14 of people in the bus which makes the total==1582

    is that right!

    Posted by: Sirish    

    Contact Sirish Contact Sirish

    7person x 7bags=49bags

    343bigcats x 7small cats=2401totalcats
    2401 x 4=9604catslegs
    9604+14(men legs)=9618totallegs

    Posted by: faisalkazmi    

    Contact faisalkazmi Contact faisalkazmi

    people = 7
    No of bags = 7 X 7 = 49
    one bag contains 7 cats
    each cat have 7 small cats = 49
    so one bag contains 7 big and 49 small cats i.e. 56 cats
    total no of cats = 56 X 7 = 392
    i.e. 392 X 4 = 1568 cat legs
    7 X 2 = 14 human legs
    total 1582 legs all put together.

    Posted by: L.J. RAJAGOPALAN    


    7 * 2 = 14 Legs for 7 people
    7 men * 7 Bags * 7 Cats * 4 Legs = 1372 Legs of Big cats
    7 men * 7 Bags * 7 Cats * 7 * small cats * 4 legs = 9604 Legs of Small cats

    Total = 14 + 1372 + 9604 = 10990
    But dont forget to add Bus Driver's legs ;)
    Total is 10990 + 2 = 10992
    M.Azhar Shahzad

    Posted by: M. Azhar Shahzad    

    Contact M. Azhar Shahzad Contact M. Azhar Shahzad


    Posted by: pritesh    

    Contact pritesh Contact pritesh


    Posted by: abhinav    

    Contact abhinav Contact abhinav

    7 people has 7 bags each.
    So total bags=49.
    Each bag has 7 cats.
    So total cats= 49x7= 343 cats
    Each one of these cats has 7 small cats.
    So total final cats=343x7=2401 cats
    Each cat has 4 legs.
    So total cat legs=2401x4=9604.
    9604+14man legs=9618 legs

    Posted by: Girish Thavai    

    Contact Girish Thavai Contact Girish Thavai

    Bus have tyers.but considering them as leg there are 4.

    Posted by: ashish    

    Contact ashish Contact ashish

    Total bags = 7
    Each bag has 7 cats
    so Total Cats are (7 *7) 49.
    Each Cat carry 7 Small cats .
    Total cats + small cats are (49*7) = 343.
    Total cat legs = 343 * 4 = 1372
    People legs = 7 * 2 = 14

    Total Legs in the bus = 1372 +14 =1386.

    Posted by: venkateshappala    

    Contact venkateshappala Contact venkateshappala

    7 people= 7 x 2 = 14 legs
    7 cats in 7 bags =7x7x4= 196 legs
    each cat has 7 small cats within 7 bags = 7x7x4 = 196 legs

    Adding all the above, we get:
    14 + 196 + 196 = "406 legs"

    Posted by: Afsheen Shafiq    

    Contact Afsheen Shafiq Contact Afsheen Shafiq

    total bags = 7 * 7 = 49
    total cats = 49 * 7 = 343
    total small cats = 343 * 7 = 2401
    so.. small cats legs = 2401*4 = 9605
    cats legs = 1372
    & persons = 14

    9605+1372+14= 10991

    Posted by: priya    

    Contact priya Contact priya

    each men have 7 bag=7*7 big cat.
    all big cat have 7 small cat=7*7*7=343;

    therefor 7 men have=7*343=2401 cat(small+big)

    now we count the leg=2401*4=9604(cat)
    now we count the leg=7*2=14(men)

    hence total 9618(ans).

    Posted by: bikash    

    Contact bikash Contact bikash

    Person 1 contains 7 bags

    no. of cats present in Bag1:

    7 Big Cats+ 49 Small Cats=56cats

    Total No.Of Cats present with person 1=> ( bags)* ( cats present in one bag)=>7*56=392 cats

    total no. of cats present with 7 persons=7*392=>2744

    total no. of legs=(2744*4)+(7*2)
    =10990 legs

    Posted by: Anantha Krishnan    

    Contact Anantha Krishnan Contact Anantha Krishnan

    Total bags 7*7=49
    each bag carry total cats 7+7*7=56
    then total cats 56*49=2744
    total legs of cat 2744*4=10976
    total legs-man + cat=10976+14=10990
    then total legs is 10990legs

    Posted by: manish    

    Contact manish Contact manish

    Each person 2 legs
    therefore for seven 14 legs.
    no of legs for cat 28
    no of legs for small cats=28*7=198
    therefore total no of legs in the bus is=14+28+198=238

    Posted by: satheeshkumar.J    

    Contact satheeshkumar.J Contact satheeshkumar.J

    there is only 14 legs in the bus and all other legs are in the bags

    Posted by: MUHAMMAD JAVED IQBAL    


    Only 14 legs all answers are wrong

    Posted by: javed iqbal    

    Contact javed iqbal Contact javed iqbal

    considering the amount of a single bag there are 7cats + 49small cats.
    no.of legs are=7*4+49*4=224
    now there are 49 bags in total as 7men carries 7 bags each.
    so,the ans. is=224*49=10990.

    Posted by: Surya Chandra Mishra    

    Contact Surya Chandra Mishra Contact Surya Chandra Mishra


    Posted by: kshirsagar nitin sopan    

    Contact kshirsagar nitin sopan Contact kshirsagar nitin sopan


    Posted by: T.Gokul    

    Contact T.Gokul Contact T.Gokul


    Posted by: T.Gokul    

    Contact T.Gokul Contact T.Gokul


    Posted by: Nitin Philip    

    Contact Nitin Philip Contact Nitin Philip

    49*7=343catin 7bags,
    each cat carry 7 cat ie;
    2401*7=16807*4legs=67228cat legs
    14human legs

    Posted by: sathish    

    Contact sathish Contact sathish


    Posted by: G.SUMAIYA SULTHANA.    


    total person =7
    total bag( 7 wid each)=7*7=49
    1bag means cats =7
    each cat has small cat=7
    total cats in one bag=7*7=49
    therefore ,total cats in 49 bags=49*49=2401
    total legs=2401*4=9604
    7person hav 14legs
    total legs in bus =9604+14=9618

    Posted by: Deepak Nagarkoti    

    Contact Deepak Nagarkoti Contact Deepak Nagarkoti

    2758 legs

    Posted by: Meenakshi    

    Contact Meenakshi Contact Meenakshi

    legs of people:7*2=14
    legs of cats:7*4=28
    legs of small cats:7*4=28
    legs of bus when included:4
    therefore in total:14+28+28+4=74

    Posted by: sangitha    

    Contact sangitha Contact sangitha

    7 people = 14 legs
    1 men = 7 cat
    So 7 men * 7 cat = 49 cats
    1 cat = 7 small cats
    So 49 cats * 7 cats = 343 cats
    So Total cats are: 49+343=392
    Total cat legs are
    1568 cat legs + 14 men legs
    = 1582 Legs

    Posted by: Madhavan    

    Contact Madhavan Contact Madhavan

    1 bag has 7&49kitten=56
    each cat has 4 legs=56*4=224
    total legs in 7 bags=7*224=1568

    Posted by: sumanth    

    Contact sumanth Contact sumanth


    Posted by: supriya jose    

    Contact supriya jose Contact supriya jose

    No.of people legs = 7*2 = 14
    No. of cats legs= (7Cats+7small cats)*4 = 56
    No. of legs in the bus =
    14+56 = 70

    Posted by: satish    

    Contact satish Contact satish

    7ppl each has 7 bags= 7*7=49 bags each bags have 7 big cats= 49*7= 343 big cats each big cats carry 7 small cats = 343*7= 2401 small cats. each cat has 4 legs = 2401*4= 9604 and each person has 2 legs 9604 + 7*2 = 9618 total legs = 9618

    Posted by: Naina    

    Contact Naina Contact Naina

    No. of people=7
    No. of peoples legs=7x2=14
    Total no. of bags=7x7=49
    Big cats in 49 bags=49x7=343
    No. of big cats legs=343x4=1372
    No. of small cats=343x7=2401
    No. of small cats legs=2401x4=9604
    Total no. of legs=14+1372+9604=10990

    Posted by: puppy    

    Contact puppy Contact puppy

    a cat has 7*4=28 legs
    a bag has 28*7+7*4=224 legs
    a man has 7 bags 7*224=1568 legs
    total legs 1568*7=10976+7*2=10990 legs

    Posted by: Nikhil kumar    

    Contact Nikhil kumar Contact Nikhil kumar

    10990 is the right answer..

    Posted by:    

    Contact Contact


    Posted by: Sathish    

    Contact Sathish Contact Sathish


    Posted by: yam!    

    Contact yam! Contact yam!

    7 persons=14legs
    each has 7 bags n each bag has 7 cats=7*7*7=343 cats
    so 343*4=1372 legs
    each cat has 7 small cats=343*7=2401 cats
    so 2401*4=9604 legs.
    9604+1372+14=10,990 legs.

    Posted by: harish    

    Contact harish Contact harish

    -7 people(total no.of people)
    -1 person carries 7 bags, so total bags are 49.(total no.of bags)
    -each bag contains 7 cats, so total cats are 49*7= 343(total no. of cats)
    -each cat carries 7 small cats, so total small cats are 343*7=2401(total no. of small cats)
    7 people will have 7*2 legs=14
    343 cats will have 343*4 legs=1372
    & 2401 small cats will have 2401*4 legs= 9604

    therefore total no. of legs will be (14+1372+9604)=10990

    Posted by: ARPIT GUPTA    


    The correct answer is 10990
    but if we turn it around then there are only 14 legs in the bus (of 7 people)
    rest all are in the bags,.........

    Posted by: ARPIT GUPTA    


    The correct ans is 10990

    Posted by: Swetha    

    Contact Swetha Contact Swetha

    ans ;
    1 person+7 cats+7*7=49 smallcats:
    ie . . 2+ 28 + 49=226;
    in total,
    answer is 1582

    Posted by: selva    

    Contact selva Contact selva

    no.of persons=7
    no.of bags=7*7=14
    no.of cats inside the bag=7*7*7=343
    total no of cats including small cats=7*7*7*7=2401
    no of cats legs=(343+2401)*7
    no of human legs=(7*2)
    total legs=(10976+14)

    Posted by: sugunavathy    

    Contact sugunavathy Contact sugunavathy

    1 man carry 7 bags .
    Each bag contains (7cats =7*4=28legs
    each cat carry 7 small cats=7*7*4=196legs)=196+28=224legs.
    for 1 man ,no of legs =2+(224*7)=1570.
    For 7 men,No of legs=7*1570=10990 legs.
    Correct Answer = 10990.

    Posted by: Neeraj    

    Contact Neeraj Contact Neeraj

    7 person in total
    Each person has 7 bags
    7 person has 49 bags

    Each bag has 56 cats
    (7 big cats, 7x7 small cats)

    49 bags has 49x56 cats = 2744

    Each cat has 4 legs
    2744 cats has 2744x4 = 10976

    Total legs: 10990
    (10976 cat legs + 14 human legs)

    Posted by: m    

    Contact m Contact m


    Posted by: Melwin    

    Contact Melwin Contact Melwin

    16 (7people +1driver)

    Posted by: Noel    

    Contact Noel Contact Noel

    14 legs....
    because all the cats in bag...
    only the 7 man leg in the bus...

    Posted by: jino    

    Contact jino Contact jino

    small cats legs=(7*4){small cats legs}*7{cats}*7{bags}*7{people}
    cat legs=28*7*7=1372
    people legs=7*2=14
    therefore total legs=9604+1372+14=10990

    Posted by: raja shekar    

    Contact raja shekar Contact raja shekar

    10990 is correct answer.

    Posted by: Vijay Agarwal    

    Contact Vijay Agarwal Contact Vijay Agarwal

    People = 7
    Each containing 7 bags therefore total no. of bags = 49
    Each bags containing 7 cats therefore total no. of cats = 49*7 = 343
    Each cats containing 7 cats therefore total no. cats = 343*7 = 2401
    therefore total no. of legs = (7*2) + (343*4) + (2401*4) = 10990

    Posted by: Nishant     

    Contact Nishant Contact Nishant


    Posted by: chetan    

    Contact chetan Contact chetan

    human legs=14
    big cats (343)legs is=(343*4=1372)
    small cats(343*7=2401)legs is=(2401*4=9604)
    total is= 14+9604+1372=10990
    accurate. this is correct ans...

    Posted by: kamlesh patidar    

    Contact kamlesh patidar Contact kamlesh patidar

    Posted by: Rampudi    

    Contact Rampudi Contact Rampudi

    10990 only the correct answer

    Posted by: Abraham Rajesh    

    Contact Abraham Rajesh Contact Abraham Rajesh

    People = 7
    Bags = 49
    Cats = 49 x 7 (343)
    Small Cats = 343 x 7 (2401)

    Total Lags = (7x2) + (343x4) + (2401x4) = 10990

    Posted by: Ashutosh Chauhan    

    Contact Ashutosh Chauhan Contact Ashutosh Chauhan

    10,990 is rite answer

    Posted by: steffe    

    Contact steffe Contact steffe

    7 Bags 1 Person
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    28 28 28 28 28 28 28
    196 196 196 196 196 196 196

    Legs of Big Cats 196
    Legs of Small Cats 1372
    Leg of a Person 2
    Total 1570
    7 People * 7
    Total Legs in Bus 10990

    Posted by: $hekh@r    

    Contact $hekh@r Contact $hekh@r

    Posted by: gowri    

    Contact gowri Contact gowri

    7 people->7*2=14legs
    1 man contains 7 bags
    7 man contains 49 bags
    1 bag contains 7 cats
    total no. of cats->7*49=343
    total no.of legs=343*4=1372
    total no.small cats=343*7=2401
    no. of small cat's leg =2401*4=9604

    Posted by: sindhu    

    Contact sindhu Contact sindhu


    Posted by: Dev    

    Contact Dev Contact Dev


    Posted by: waleed ahmed    

    Contact waleed ahmed Contact waleed ahmed

    1 big cat = 7*4=28 small cat legs.
    so total no of legs of 1 big cat= 28+4=32
    1 bag =7 big cats
    so 1 bag= 7*32=224 legs
    1person =7bags=7*224=1568
    so 1 person =1570 legs(incl cats)
    7 persons=7*1570=10990

    Posted by: Vibha & Prasad    

    Contact Vibha  &  Prasad Contact Vibha & Prasad


    Posted by: dilip padil    

    Contact dilip padil Contact dilip padil

    NO. of big cats= 7*7*7*4=1372
    No of small cats= 7*7*7*7*4=9604
    No of people= 7*2= 14

    Total no. of legs= 1372+9604+14= 10990

    Posted by: Siri    

    Contact Siri Contact Siri


    [{(((7+1)*4)*7)*7}+2]*7 = 10990

    Posted by: Chandan Mishra    

    Contact Chandan Mishra Contact Chandan Mishra


    Posted by: ANURAG    

    Contact ANURAG Contact ANURAG

    There are only 7 people in the bus
    the remainig cats are in bags,so bags carrying cats, people carrying bags,
    bus carrying 7+driver+conductor=9
    9*2=18 legs are in the bus

    Posted by: Jagadheesh.K    

    Contact Jagadheesh.K Contact Jagadheesh.K

    man legs=14
    because man only standing

    Posted by: loganathan    

    Contact loganathan Contact loganathan

    7 people
    so, 7*2=14
    each people carry 7 cat and each cat carry 7 small cat
    total cats are= 7*7=49
    so total legs are :

    14+(49*4)=210 lages...... :-)

    Posted by: Vivek Gupta    

    Contact Vivek Gupta Contact Vivek Gupta

    14 legs only

    Posted by: vivek    

    Contact vivek Contact vivek

    only 14 in bus

    Posted by: deepak    

    Contact deepak Contact deepak

    No. of People=7
    No. of legs = 7 * 2 = 14
    No. of bags = 7 * 7 = 49
    No. of big cats = 49 * 7 = 343
    No. of small cats = 343 * 7 = 2401
    Total Cats = 2401 + 343 = 2744
    No. of Cats legs = 2744 * 4 = 10976
    So, total legs in the bus = 10976 + 14 = 10990.

    Posted by: Giridhar Babu    

    Contact Giridhar Babu Contact Giridhar Babu


    Posted by: Utkarsh Khare    

    Contact Utkarsh Khare Contact Utkarsh Khare

    The Bus does not have legs, it has wheel... Six Wheels.....

    Posted by: Rajen Sahu    

    Contact Rajen Sahu Contact Rajen Sahu


    Posted by: mashak    

    Contact mashak Contact mashak


    Posted by: shilpa    

    Contact shilpa Contact shilpa

    Each cat has 4 legs.
    each cat carry 7 small cats.
    We group it as 8 cats as a set.
    No of legs in a set=4*8=32
    A bag has 7 set of cats
    No of legs in a bag=32*7=224
    Each person carry 7 bag
    No of legs in all bags of a person=224*7=1568
    including that persons legs=1568+2=1570
    total no of legs=1570*7=10990

    Posted by: Mohankumar    

    Contact Mohankumar Contact Mohankumar

    each person has 7 bags . in one bag 7 cats are there . each cat has 7 small cats. so , big cat=4legs,small catlegs=4*7=28 . total number of legs=28(small cat)+4(big cat)=32(per big cat). total 7big cats .so 32* person has 7 bags so 224*7=1568.each person has two 1568+2=1570 . there are 7 1570* the answer is 10990

    Posted by: avinash    

    Contact avinash Contact avinash

    total bags 7*7= 49bags

    1 bag contains 7 big cat & each cat has 7 kitten
    (total big +small cat) in 1 bag= 7*8 ====56

    total cats
    =56(cats in 1 bag)*49(total bags)=2744(tot cats)

    total legs of cat
    =2744(tot cats) * 4 = 10976

    total legs of people
    = 7 * 2=14

    total leg = peoples legs + cats leg
    = 14 + 10976 = 10990

    Posted by: sameer K    

    Contact sameer K Contact sameer K


    70 legs

    Posted by: ankit singh kshatriya    

    Contact ankit singh kshatriya Contact ankit singh kshatriya

    were there any defective ppl or cats?

    Posted by: me    

    Contact me Contact me

    a bus doesnt have any legs .it has only tyres.

    Posted by: hari    

    Contact hari Contact hari

    I support my answer; bus has treys,cats have limbs and men have legs but their legs are not in the bus they are on the there are no legs in a bus.period.

    Taiswa John

    Posted by: Taiswa John    

    Contact Taiswa John Contact Taiswa John

    Ans : 10990
    one cat has 7 small cats n each bag has 7 big cats...
    SO,Total no of cats in each bag = (49+7)*7=56*7
    And each man has such 7 bags..So,Total no of cats for each man =56*7
    Seven such en in bus..So Total no of cats=56*7*7*7
    And their legs=56*7*7*4= 10976
    Total no of legs = 10976+14(of 7 men) = 10990

    Posted by: cool    

    Contact cool Contact cool

    7 People carry 7 Bag Each
    Total Bag 7*7=49
    Each bag Contain 7 cats
    Total cats 49*7=343
    each big cat carry 7 small cat
    toatal small cat 343*7=2401
    So, Total no. of cats 2401+343=2744
    No. of cates legs 2744*4=10976
    No. of men legs 7*2=14
    Total no. of legs 14+10976=10990

    Posted by: Shahjahan Ansari    

    Contact Shahjahan Ansari Contact Shahjahan Ansari

    14 ppl 14 ppl have 2 legs obviously so 7*2=14 7 cats should have 49 7*7=49 and there 7 kids should have 49 legs so we add all three things we get the answer 14+28+28=70

    Posted by: mohit    

    Contact mohit Contact mohit

    7 humans
    49 bags
    49*7=343 cats
    343*7=2401 small cats
    totally (2*7)+(343*4)+(2401*4)=10990legs

    Posted by: siva    

    Contact siva Contact siva

    No. of People=7
    No. of legs = 7 * 2 = 14
    No. of bags = 7 * 7 = 49
    No. of big cats = 49 * 7 = 343
    No. of small cats = 343 * 7 = 2401
    Total Cats = 2401 + 343 = 2744
    No. of Cats legs = 2744 * 4 = 10976
    So, total legs in the bus = 10976 + 14 = 10990.

    Posted by: zia    

    Contact zia Contact zia

    1)first i m calculating for number of cats with a man:
    as no of bags with a man is 7 and each bag contain 7 cats,no of big cats with a man is 7*7=49
    and each cat is having 7 small cat so small cats with a man is 49*7
    total no of cats with a man is 49*7+49=392
    2)total no of cats in the bus 392*7=2744
    3)total no of legs=7*2+2744*4=10990

    Posted by: vandy    

    Contact vandy Contact vandy


    Posted by: kbalaji    

    Contact kbalaji Contact kbalaji


    Posted by: kbalaji    

    Contact kbalaji Contact kbalaji

    7 people =7*2=14legs
    no. of bags=7*7=49
    no.of cats=49*7=343
    no.of small cats=343*7=2401
    no. of legs of 343 cats=343*4=1372
    no. of legs of 2401 small cats=2401*4=9604
    so total no. of legs=14+1372+9604=10990

    Posted by: varsha v    

    Contact varsha v Contact varsha v


    Posted by: vanitha    

    Contact vanitha Contact vanitha

    It is right answer

    Posted by: mamatha    

    Contact mamatha Contact mamatha

    consider 1 man at a time
    1 man=2 legs
    1man has 7 cats, 7 cats=7x4=28 legs
    each cat has 7 small cats, 7x7x4=196 legs
    so for 1 man, there are 2+28+196=226 les
    there are 7 men, so total number of legs in bus are 226x7=1528

    Posted by: aditi raghav    

    Contact aditi raghav Contact aditi raghav

    men legs 7*2=14
    big cats 7*4=28
    small cats 7*7*4= 196
    sum of legs 14+28+196=238

    Posted by: sandeep kanade    

    Contact sandeep kanade Contact sandeep kanade

    It's logic Questions.He asked us to say how many legs in the we have to count the men those who are totally 7 2*7=14 legs.

    Posted by: Pagadala Ramakrisha    

    Contact Pagadala Ramakrisha Contact Pagadala Ramakrisha

    7 people
    7 bags
    7*7 = 49 bags
    49*14 = 686 cats
    686 cats * 4 legs each =2744 total lesg of cat in the bus

    Posted by: ajay yadav    

    Contact ajay yadav Contact ajay yadav

    7 people = 14 legs
    1 men = 7 cat
    So 7 men * 7 cat = 49 cats
    1 cat = 7 small cats
    So 49 cats * 7 cats = 343 cats
    So Total cats are: 49+343=392
    Total cat legs are
    1568 cat legs + 14 men legs
    = 1582 Legs

    Posted by: devipriya    

    Contact devipriya Contact devipriya

    in one bag (7 big cats+49 small cats)
    total legs of cats=(49+7)*4=224
    each one contain 7 bags.
    7 members contain 49 bags.
    1 bag contain 224 legs.
    49 bags contain 49*224=10976 legs
    7 people contain 14 legs.
    Total 10976+14=10990legs.
    Am I write please give me replay

    Posted by: G.Bhagyaraju    

    Contact G.Bhagyaraju Contact G.Bhagyaraju

    7peoples*2=14(because each one has to legs
    343*4=1372(because in 7 people each one carry 7 bags and in these 7 bags each bag contain 7 cats each cat has 4 legs so 7peoles*7 bags=49 and 49bags*7cats=343cats and 343cats*4legs=1372legs)
    343cats*7smallcats=2401small cats
    The total legs in the bus is = 1372
    = 9604
    = 14

    Posted by: CS.SREELEKHACHANDRA    



    Posted by: jeevarekha    

    Contact jeevarekha Contact jeevarekha

    peoples 7 so 7*2=14

    big cats : 1*7(cat)=49 *7= 343...

    small cats:7*7(for each big cat)=49 *7=343 *7=2401..

    so total legs =
    14 legs of 7 person +
    1372 legs of big cats +
    9604 legs of small cats

    Posted by: yashini    

    Contact yashini Contact yashini

    In my opinion 10990 is the right answer
    1 bag= 7 cats
    1 cat= itself + 7 small cats
    1 cat= 8 leg pairs
    1 cat= 8*4= 32 legs

    1 bag=7*32=224 legs

    there are 7 men each having 7 bags
    so 49 bags in bus
    and hence 49*224= 10976 legs total in bags

    7 men = 14 legs

    total legs= 10976 cat legs + 14 men legs

    total legs=10990

    But there should me someone who can delete the wrong answers from the site. because this confuses a lay person.

    Posted by: Raj Arora    

    Contact Raj Arora Contact Raj Arora

    no of person 7;
    no of bags=49;
    each bag contain 7 Cats; (49*7)=343 cats.
    each cat has 7 small cats;(343*7)=2401 cats the total legs of cats=2401*4=9604 total legs of persons=7*2=14
    total legs in a bus=9604+14=9618

    Posted by: arti    

    Contact arti Contact arti

    There are 7 people in bus so 7*2=14 legs of people
    and each one carry 7 bags i think bags have no legs isn't it? so 0 legs
    next, each bag contain 7 cats so 7*7=49 cats and they have 49*4=196 legs
    and each cat carry 7 small cats so 49*7=343 small cats
    and legs of small cats are 343*4=1372
    soooo.. total no of legs in bus are 14+196+1372= 1582 legs by mathametically
    but in logical view Question is how many legs in bus so 14 rest of all legs are in bags here we should remember one thing that bags are also in bus thats why there are absolutely 1582 legs in bus

    Posted by: chinnu    

    Contact chinnu Contact chinnu

    only 14 legs are in the bus because the cats and the small cats are inside the only 14 legs are in the bus.

    Posted by: karmugilan.u    

    Contact karmugilan.u Contact karmugilan.u

    4*7*7=196 legs of small cats
    4*7=28 legs of cats in each bag
    Each has 7 bags so total legs in 7 bags=1568
    7 people having 7 bags i.e.1578*7=10976
    and each man has 2 legs so 2*14=14
    therefore,total legs in the bus are=10976+14=10990 thats the exact ans.

    Posted by: Manish Bodele    

    Contact Manish Bodele Contact Manish Bodele

    1582 legs

    Posted by: bhavin    

    Contact bhavin Contact bhavin

    238 legs

    Mens leg = 7*2 = 14;
    In a bag total cats are 8 so legs in a bag will be 8 * 4 = 32

    there are 7 bags with 32 legs = 124

    So finally total legs in the bus will be total cats leg + mens leg
    so 124 + 14 = 138 Legs

    Posted by: Radheshyam Gavhane    

    Contact Radheshyam Gavhane Contact Radheshyam Gavhane


    Posted by: Radheshyam Gavhne    

    Contact Radheshyam Gavhne Contact Radheshyam Gavhne

    14 legs

    Posted by: hafeez    

    Contact hafeez Contact hafeez

    only 14 legs are in the bus because the cats and the small cats are inside the only 14 legs are in the bus.

    Posted by: Navin rawat     

    Contact Navin rawat Contact Navin rawat

    7*2 =14 legs
    7*7=49 Bags
    49*7=343 cats
    343*7=2401 small cats
    total cats = 2744
    total legs of cats = 10976(2744*4)
    Toatl Legs in Bus = 10976 + 14
    Total Legs =10990

    Posted by: Nitin Patil    

    Contact Nitin Patil Contact Nitin Patil

    There are 7 people :
    Assuming all 7 have 2 legs

    7*2 = 14 Legs

    Each person has 7 Bags and each bag has 7 Cats
    Assuming all cats have 4 legs..

    7 Bags * 7 Cats = 49 Cats
    49 Cats * 4 legs = 196 Legs

    Total Legs = 196 + 14 = 210

    The cats are carrying small cats(so still in the woumb.. thus not considuring these cats.)


    Posted by: Sarada    

    Contact Sarada Contact Sarada

    1 cat have 7 small cats so totaly 8 cats 8*4=32.
    32*7 big cats =224.
    so 1 bag have 224 legs
    so 224*7=1568.
    7 people have 14 legs so 1568+14=1582 so totally 1582 legs

    Posted by: hariharan    

    Contact hariharan Contact hariharan

    the ans is 1582 legs
    7 men = 7*2=14 legs
    no of begs = 7
    therefor no of big cats = 7*7=49
    therefore no of legs = 49*4=196
    each big cat carry 7small cats so no of small cats = 49*7 = 343 therefor no of legs = 343*4 = 1372
    so total no of legs = 14+196+1372 = 1582 legs

    Posted by: vishal yadav    

    Contact vishal yadav Contact vishal yadav

    7 * 2= 14, 343 * 4 = 1372, 2401 * 4 = 9604 , (14 + 1372 + 9604) = 10990
    so Answer is 10990

    Posted by: NMSundaram    

    Contact NMSundaram Contact NMSundaram

    7 man 7(2)=14
    1 bag 7(4)=28
    7 bags 7(28)=196
    1 cat carry 7 small cats
    total big cats=49
    total small cats=343
    total small ct legs=1372
    total legs=14+196+1372=1582

    Posted by: PRAVEEN    

    Contact PRAVEEN Contact PRAVEEN


    Posted by: kathir    

    Contact kathir Contact kathir

    legs of 7 persom=7*2=14
    no. of bags=7*7=49
    total cats=49*7*7=2401
    legs of cat=2401*4=9604
    total legs=14+9604=9618

    Posted by: satish choudhari    

    Contact satish choudhari Contact satish choudhari

    No of people=7
    no of peoples legs=7*2=14
    no of bags at each person=7
    total no of bags=7*7=49
    no of big cats in each bag=7
    total no of big cats=7*49(bags)=343
    no of small cats for each cat=7
    total no of small cats=7*343(cats)=2401
    legs for small cats=2401*4=9604
    no of legs for big cats=343*4=1372

    total no of legs in bus=14+1372+9604=10990

    Posted by: m.ashok kumar    

    Contact m.ashok kumar Contact m.ashok kumar

    its 9618

    Posted by: varsha    

    Contact varsha Contact varsha


    Posted by: kanimozhi    

    Contact kanimozhi Contact kanimozhi

    1582 is the right answer.
    men 7*7=49
    cats 7*7*4=196
    baby cats 7*49*4=1372

    Posted by: ravikanth reddy    

    Contact ravikanth reddy Contact ravikanth reddy

    each cat is carrying 7cats in its STOMACH... so legs of small cats need not be included in calculation...
    7*2+7*7*4=210 must be the answer...

    Posted by: kavi    

    Contact kavi Contact kavi

    1386 are total no of legs in the bus

    Posted by: aman gupta    

    Contact aman gupta Contact aman gupta


    Posted by: rohit varma    

    Contact rohit varma Contact rohit varma

    tThe answer is 72 because actually it is 70 and including the bus driver who is driving the bus

    Posted by: Shridhar    

    Contact Shridhar Contact Shridhar


    Posted by: DV    

    Contact DV Contact DV


    Posted by: dhinakaran    

    Contact dhinakaran Contact dhinakaran

    16 Legs only and the cats are in the bag not in the bus.

    Posted by: Bhaskar    

    Contact Bhaskar Contact Bhaskar

    and what's the right answer is?

    Posted by: rajni    

    Contact rajni Contact rajni

    7*2(14)+7*7*7*4(1372)+7*7*7*7*4(9604)=10990 Legs

    Posted by: Nymishore    

    Contact Nymishore Contact Nymishore

    men = 7

    bags= 7*7=49


    small cats=343*7=2401

    total legs=14+1372+9604=10990

    Posted by: Anish Shrivastava    

    Contact Anish Shrivastava Contact Anish Shrivastava


    Posted by: harshal    

    Contact harshal Contact harshal


    Posted by: ledif sunaj    

    Contact ledif sunaj Contact ledif sunaj


    Posted by: anu    

    Contact anu Contact anu

    no. of human legs=7*2
    no. of legs of big cats=7*7*7*4
    no of legs of small cats=7*7*7*7*4
    so on adding all of the above, we get 10990 no. of legs.

    Posted by: Kanchan Sharma    

    Contact Kanchan Sharma Contact Kanchan Sharma


    Posted by: Nadeem    

    Contact Nadeem Contact Nadeem

    dont forget about the drivers 2 legs.... so the ans is 10990+2=10992

    Posted by: sravani    

    Contact sravani Contact sravani

    In a bus there are 7 girls =14 legs Each girl carring 7 bags=49 bags Each bag carries 7 big cats=343 cats 343 INTO 4=1372+14 girls legs=1386 i am not counting small cats because small cats are in stomach of big cats PLEASE TELL ME RIGHT OR WRONG

    Posted by: vikram    

    Contact vikram Contact vikram


    Posted by: sandra    

    Contact sandra Contact sandra

    take first one man
    1 man have 7 bags
    1bag contain 7 cats
    total cats 7*7=49
    legs of cats 49*7=343
    each cat contain 7 small cats
    total small cats 49*7=343
    legs of small cats 343*4=1372
    legs in 1 man=1372+343+2=1570
    total legs in bus=1570*7=10990

    Posted by: venkatreddy    

    Contact venkatreddy Contact venkatreddy

    only 14 legs in the bus.because all cat are in the bags

    Posted by: anbalagan    

    Contact anbalagan Contact anbalagan

    people 7*2=14
    7*7*7*4 (cats )=1372
    1372*(7) (small cats)=9604
    total legs in bus=10990

    Posted by: rajeswari sethu    

    Contact rajeswari sethu Contact rajeswari sethu

    Only 14 legs are in the bus because cats are in the bags.

    Posted by: Amit    

    Contact Amit Contact Amit

    14 legs in the bus b'cause cats are in bag.

    Posted by: Gouri    

    Contact Gouri Contact Gouri

    total people 7*2=14
    total bags 7,49(big cats),49*4=196
    49(bigcats)*7 so 343(small cats),,, 343*4=1372

    so 14+196+1372=1582

    Posted by: Penumutchu.Vijaykumar    

    Contact Penumutchu.Vijaykumar Contact Penumutchu.Vijaykumar

    7person x 7bags=49bags

    343bigcats x 7small cats=2401totalcats
    2401 x 4=9604catslegs
    9604+14(men legs)=9618totallegs

    Posted by: jignesh    

    Contact jignesh Contact jignesh

    there are 49 bags in the bus.there are 56 cats per 49*16 no of cats in the bus.there are 9 people in the bus with driver and conductor
    no of legs in the bus=(49*56*4)+18

    Posted by: AVANI    

    Contact AVANI Contact AVANI

    there are 14 legs because there are 7 people and people have legs but cats have paws so they wont be counted

    Posted by: mohit    

    Contact mohit Contact mohit

    There are 18 legs in the bus. bcz.

    7(people)*2= 14

    2(Driver and conductor)*2= 4

    Posted by: SYED    

    Contact SYED Contact SYED

    7*2=14(people legs)
    49*4=1372(cat legs)
    1372*7=9604(small cats legs)
    total legs present in bus=14+9604+1372=10990

    Posted by: Rohit    

    Contact Rohit Contact Rohit

    total people=7
    total bags=7*7=49
    total cats=49*7=343
    total small cats=343*7=2401
    total legs= 2401*2=4802

    Posted by: syed aqeel raza    

    Contact syed aqeel raza Contact syed aqeel raza

    since there are 7 cats in each bag so , in one bag 7 cats .IN 7 BAGS 7*7=49 CATS..
    BIG CAT LEGS =49*4=196 LEGS
    SMALL CAT LEGS=49*4=196 LEGS
    7 PERSONS LEG=7*2=14 LEGS

    TOTAL=406 LEGS

    Posted by: vamsi krishna    

    Contact vamsi krishna Contact vamsi krishna

    Answer is 2758 legs

    Posted by: Dhanalakshmi    

    Contact Dhanalakshmi Contact Dhanalakshmi

    Answer is 9618

    Posted by: Dhanalakshmi    

    Contact Dhanalakshmi Contact Dhanalakshmi

    The bags do not have legs. So we will not consider the bags.
    There are 7 people and each person has 2 legs.
    Therefore people's legs=14.

    Each cat has 4 legs. Therefore,7*4 = 28.
    Each small cat also have 4 legs. Therefore, 7 *4 = 28.
    Now, the total legs of all the cats are 28+28= 56.

    Now adding this data to the people's leg we get 56+14 = 70.
    Also, the bus has 4 treys.

    Therefore, the total legs are 74.

    Posted by: Dency    

    Contact Dency Contact Dency

    There are only 14 legs in the bus. Though the cats are also in the bus we can't see those legs. Because they were kept in the bags.

    Posted by: Latha    

    Contact Latha Contact Latha

    7 persons=14 legs
    7 cats= 28 legs
    7 persons carries 7 cats 7*28=196 legs
    7 cats carries 7 cats 7*28=196
    total legs =196+196+14= 406

    Posted by: pavan chowhan    

    Contact pavan chowhan Contact pavan chowhan

    total MAN=7
    total leg(MEN)=14=(7*2)
    total BAG=49=(7*7)
    1 BAG=large cat=7
    =small cat=49=(7*7)
    =TOTAL cat=56=(49+7)
    total legs in 1 BAG=224=(56*4)
    total legs in 49 BAG=10976=(49*224)
    therefore total legs in bus= MEN+cat = 10976+14==10990

    Posted by: Priyanka sawarkar    

    Contact Priyanka sawarkar Contact Priyanka sawarkar

    Answer: 406 Legs

    7 Persons-------------7X2= 14 Legs
    7 Bags--7 Cats/Bag--7X7X4=196 Legs
    7 Cats--7 SCats/Cat-7X7X4=196 Legs
    Total Legs: 406

    Abdul Raheem

    Posted by: Abdul Raheem    

    Contact Abdul Raheem Contact Abdul Raheem

    Total bags 7*7=49
    each bag carry total cats 7+7*7=56
    then total cats 56*49=2744
    total legs of cat 2744*4=10976
    total legs-man + cat=10976+14=10990
    then total legs is 10990legs

    Posted by: Sandeep K Singh    

    Contact Sandeep K Singh Contact Sandeep K Singh

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