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    Question :
    What is RIP what is the use of RIP?

    Posted by: shiv on 5/19/2008

    Contact shiv Contact shiv
    Category Networking Interview Questions
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    Added on 5/19/2008
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    RIP (routing information protocol)is a distance vector dyanamic routing protocol. It is used where we have less no. of routers. Its max hop count is 15. It broadcast its entire routing information in every 30 seconds.It is a class full routing protocol.

    RIP version 2 is a classless routing protocol.

    Posted by: Alok Kr Singh    

    Contact Alok Kr Singh Contact Alok Kr Singh

    The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) was one of the most commonly used interior gateway protocol (IGP) routing protocols on internal networks (and to a lesser extent, networks connected to the Internet), which helps routers dynamically adapt to changes of network connections by communicating information about which networks each router can reach and how far away those networks are.

    Although RIP is still actively used, it is generally considered to have been made obsolete by routing protocols such as OSPF and IS-IS. Nonetheless, a somewhat more capable protocol in the same basic family (distance-vector routing protocols), was Cisco's proprietary (IGRP)

    Posted by: Vijay Gopalam    

    Contact Vijay Gopalam Contact Vijay Gopalam

    RIP finds best path to route based by Distance and Direction. Administrative Distance is 120. If any remote router goes down,it will check Adjacent router to find out the some other best path.

    Posted by: Hermizz Kumar    

    Contact Hermizz Kumar Contact Hermizz Kumar




    Posted by: arunanoopm    

    Contact arunanoopm Contact arunanoopm

    RIP is a Routing Information Protocol. RIP has an version that the rip version1 and rip version2.
    ripv1 is an classless protocol and ripv2 is an classfull protocol.It is used to find out the best path. It's A.D.number is 120............

    Posted by: naveen    

    Contact naveen Contact naveen

    I readed ur Netwrking Question, that i have gotted a lot of Knowledge, plse send a more Questn on my mail I.D.

    Posted by: Gopal    

    Contact Gopal Contact Gopal

    Routing Information Protocol(RIP) is a true distance-vector routing protocol. Ir sends the complete routing table out to all active interfaces every 30 seconds. RIP only uses hop count to determine the best way to a remote network, but it has a miximum allowable hop count of 15by defult,meaning that 16 is deemed unreachable. RIP works well in small networks, but ti's inefficient on large networks with slow WAN lins or on networks with a large number of routers installed.
    RIP Timer:-
    1. Router update time 30seconds
    2. Router invalid timer 180seconds
    3. Router holddown timer 180sec
    4. Router flush timer 240sec

    Posted by: Dayashankar    

    Contact Dayashankar Contact Dayashankar

    RIP-> Routing Information Protocol. The RIP has two versions. They are : RIP V1 & RIP V2 and difference between these two are:

    RIP V1 It doesn?t support Discontiguous network
    RIP V1 It cant support VLSM
    RIP V2 It supports Discontiguous network
    RIP V2 It can support VLSM
    Both are Distance vector routing protocols and will support upto 15 hops max.

    Posted by: Ajesh    

    Contact Ajesh Contact Ajesh

    RIP also called as Routing by Roomers
    It sends update in every 30 secs, It sends entire routing table as updates.

    Posted by: Sumalatha    

    Contact Sumalatha Contact Sumalatha

    RIP is dynamic vector routing protocol .It automatically assign its path for transferring the information .Its A.D (administrative distance) no. is 120.Also, it is a distance vector routing vector routing protocol.Its max. hop count is 15 means that we can't connnect more than 15 p.c. in a network.

    Posted by: amrit raj    

    Contact amrit raj Contact amrit raj

    RIP is a Routing Information Protocol.Its a distance vector dyanamic routing protocol.It is non CISCO property and support max 15 Router in the 16 Router its show message as destination host unreachable.RIP has two version RIPv1(classful network)and RIPv2(classless network).They are 4 types of RIP times,(RIP update timer,RIP invalid time,Holder on timer,Router Flash timer)and its used for find the best path to the route based by Distance and Direction.

    Posted by: md shoeb sayyed    

    Contact md shoeb sayyed Contact md shoeb sayyed

    RIP is a standardized Distance Vector protocol, designed for use on smaller
    networks. RIP was one of the first true Distance Vector routing protocols,
    and is supported on a wide variety of systems.
    RIP adheres to the following Distance Vector characteristics:
    ? RIP sends out periodic routing updates (every 30 seconds)
    ? RIP sends out the full routing table every periodic update
    ? RIP uses a form of distance as its metric (in this case, hopcount)
    ? RIP uses the Bellman-Ford Distance Vector algorithm to determine
    the best ?path? to a particular destination
    Other characteristics of RIP include:
    ? RIP supports IP and IPX routing.
    ? RIP utilizes UDP port 520
    ? RIP routes have an administrative distance of 120.
    ? RIP has a maximum hopcount of 15 hops.

    Posted by: Anoop    

    Contact Anoop Contact Anoop

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