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    Question :
    What is the difference between the XCTL and LINK commands?
    Category CICS Interview Questions
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    Added on 3/1/2008
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    The LINK command anticipates return of control to the calling program, the XCTL command does not. Return to the calling program will be the result of the CICS RETURN command, specifying TRANSID(name of the calling program).

    Link is temporary transfer of control. Xctl is permanent transfer of control

    Posted by: Jenny    

    Contact Jenny Contact Jenny

    XCTL : This command passes the control to the same level.Control does not return back after this command is executed.

    LINK: link transfers the control to the next lower level.Link command also expects the control to return back.
    Syntax is same use link in place of XCTL.

    Posted by: tarun     

    Contact tarun Contact tarun

    Both XCTL and LINK are control transfer commands.

    XCTL transfers the control to another program (called program) at the level below to the calling program. Control is never returned back to the called program.

    LINK transfers the control to another program (called program) at the same of the calling program. Control is expected to return back to the called program.

    Posted by: pavan    

    Contact pavan Contact pavan

    1) It is used to pass the control from program to another program, but doesn't expect the control back.

    2) When XCTL is used, the program which pass the control, the program which recievs the control are set to be at same level.

    1)It is used to pass control from one program to another program, but the control is expected back.

    2)The sending program will be at heigher level, and recieving program will be at lower level.

    Posted by: Ravichandra    

    Contact Ravichandra Contact Ravichandra

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