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    Question :
    Give some examples of
    Low Severity and Low Priority Bugs
    High Severity and Low Priority Bugs
    Low Severity and High Priority Bugs
    High Severity and High Priority Bugs ?

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    First know about severity and priority then its easy to decide Low or Medium or High
    Priority-Business oriented
    Severity-Effect of bug in the functionality
    1. For example there is cosmetic change in the clients name and you found this bug at the time of delivery, so the severity of this bug is low but the priority is high because it affects to the business.
    2. If you found that there is major crash in the functionality of the application but the crash lies in the module which is not delivered in the deliverables in this case the priority is low and severity is high.

    Priority - how soon your business side needs a fix. (Tip: The engineering side never decides priority.)
    Severity - how bad the bug bites. (Tip: Only engineers decide severity.)
    For a high priority, low severity example, suppose your program has an easter egg (a secret feature) showing a compromising photo of your boss. Schedule this bug to be removed immediately.
    Low priority, high severity example: A long chain of events leads to a crash that risks the main data file. Because the chain of events is longer than customers might probably reproduce, so keep an eye on this one while fixing higher priority things.
    Testers should report bugs, the business side should understand them and set their priorities. Then testers and engineers should capture the bugs with automated tests before killing them. This reduces the odds they come back, and generally reduces "churn", which is bug fixes causing new bugs.

    Priority is how important it is to the customer and if the customer is going to find it. Severity is how bad it is, if the customer found it.
    High Priority low severity
    I have a text editor and every 3 minutes it rings a bell (it is also noted that the editor does an auto-save every 3 minutes). This is going to drive the customer insane. They want it fixed ASAP; i.e. high priority. The impact is minimal. They can turn off the audio when using the editor. There are workarounds. Should be easy for the developer to find the code and fix it.
    Low Priority High severity
    If I press CRTL-Q-SHIFT-T, only in that order, then eject a floppy diskette from the drive it formats my hard drive. It is a low priority because it is unlikely a customer is going to be affected by it. It is high severity because if a customer did find it the results would be horrific.
    High Priority High severity
    If I open the Save As dialog and same the file with the same name as the Save dialog would have used it saves a zero byte file and all the data is lost. Many customers will select Save As then decide to overwrite the original document instead. They will NOT cancel the Save As and select Save instead, they will just use Save As and pick the same file name as the one they opened. So the likelihood of this happening is high; therefore high priority. It will cause the customer to lose data. This is costly. Therefore high severity.
    Low Priority low severity
    If I hold the key combination LEFT_CTRL+LEFT_ALT+RIGHT_ALT+RIGHT_CTRL+F1+F12 for 3 minutes it will display cryptic debug information used by the programmer during development. It is highly unlikely a customer will find this so it is low priority. Even if they do find it it might result in a call to customer service asking what this information means. Telling the customer it is debug code left behind; they didn't want to remove it because it would have added risk and delayed the release of the program is safer than removing it and potentially breaking something else. Answer4:
    High Priority low severity
    Spelling the name of the company president wrong
    Low Priority High severity
    Year end processing breaks ('cause its 6 more months 'till year end)
    High Priority High severity
    Application won't start
    Low Priority low severity
    spelling error in documentation; occasionally screen is slightly
    misdrawn requiring a screen refresh

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