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Question :
What is parameterization in qtp?

Posted by: rajankanth on 1/15/2013

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Category Software Testing Interview Questions
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Added on 1/15/2013
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testing the apllication with more
number of inputs in qtp

Posted by: thirumurugan

Contact thirumurugan Contact thirumurugan

Testing the application by using same script with more number of inputs in qtp.

Posted by: thirumurugan

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When you test your applications, you may want to check how the application performs the same operations with multiple sets of data. For
example,suppose you want to check how your Web site responds to ten separate sets of data. You could record ten separate tests, each with its own
set of data. Alternatively, you can create Data Table parameters so that your test runs ten times, each time using a different set of data.this way of setting parameters is called parameterization.

Posted by: mary

Contact mary Contact mary

If you want to enter the values in the DataTable in QTP then we go for parameterization.You see the below navigation
especially in the concept of 'recovery'(single window ,multiple window handling )

Posted by: krishi

Contact krishi Contact krishi

In QTP, the single script used to run the multiple sets data and perform the same operation by using data table... For example, ->Open microsoft address book.
->Click record button in QTP,
->in address book click New->New Contact,
->add first name "dinesh" and last name "kumar", and click ok.
->click STOP in QTP,
->Go to Expert view in the QTP Screen,
->In that screen expand all the items which is recorded in QTP.
->In Value column just click on the First Name, you can see one button "<#>" like this. otherwise press "Ctrl+F11".
->you will get one new window called Value Configuration Options.
->in that window you can see 2 radio buttons.
->Select the 2nd one,naming Parameter.
->in that combo box select Data table.
->Then set the Name field as FNAME,
->Select the first one, Global sheet.
->Just click ok.
->Do the Same thing for last Name edit box.
->Finally you get one Data table in the bottom of the QTP Window.
->In that Data table you can add multiple data's as many as possible.
->If suppose you didn't get any Data table means goto click View menu in the toolbar and select the data table.
-> now run your script.
->The data's are succesfully added in the address book which are stored in the data table.

(Note: you should change the Property value in object repository. Removing the innertext of the property window,the QTP easily recognize the object.)

Posted by: dineshkumar

Contact dineshkumar Contact dineshkumar

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