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    Question :
    How to define ourself?what format should be followed when interview ask define yourself?

    Posted by: Gaurav on 5/17/2008

    Contact Gaurav Contact Gaurav
    Category Personal Interview Questions
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    Added on 5/17/2008
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    firstly define yourself
    1 Your name
    2 where you are from
    3 Your qualification
    4 Your strength
    5 Your hobbies
    then tell about your family
    and family members
    about your father
    about your mother
    about your brothers and sisters
    BUT in short you can tell
    about you, your qualification and about your family.

    Posted by: krishna kumar    

    Contact krishna kumar Contact krishna kumar

    to define urself begin with ur

    Family Background

    Posted by: Manju    

    Contact Manju Contact Manju

    In my point of view our name and qualification is already handover in our documents.So tell something about our goals,hobbies,family and positiveness.

    Posted by: DHIRAJ    

    Contact DHIRAJ Contact DHIRAJ

    ur name
    native place
    training if u done

    Posted by: gaurav mangal    

    Contact gaurav mangal Contact gaurav mangal

    While you are giving your introduction make sure that you are taking the HR to your positive point.Such that while you are telling your name tell My name is ____ but my friends tell me ______
    (any player or actor name) because i love that game or his movies..By doing this u told the HR that ask anything related to this sports or whatever you mentioned.
    While you are telling your native place name.Tell why your native place is famous for.
    While telling your family background donot mention your parent name because they are not interested on that.Tell what are the advantage you get from your your parent's profession.
    If your father is a businessmen then tell i get knowledge like how to make the public relation etc.
    Then tell your educational qualification but donot mention your school or college name if you are not belongs to a good college or school.Donot tell your percentage if your percentage is in the higher side.

    Posted by: Vivek    

    Contact Vivek Contact Vivek

    academical qualification
    role model

    Posted by: jabbar    

    Contact jabbar Contact jabbar

    Besides my name and hobby, one should define himself with the unique side of his personality like ones attitude, kindness, weakness etc.

    Posted by: Bijit    

    Contact Bijit Contact Bijit

    academical qualification
    role model
    and family members
    about your father
    about your mother
    about your brothers and sisters
    BUT in short you can tell
    about you, your qualification and about your family.

    Posted by: suraj    

    Contact suraj Contact suraj

    How to define ourself?what format should be followed when interview ask define yourself?

    Posted by: Amol Yadav    

    Contact Amol Yadav Contact Amol Yadav


    Posted by: Lalita    

    Contact Lalita Contact Lalita

    i need sme guidelines for my interview so pls could u send my mail id

    Posted by: sheik    

    Contact sheik Contact sheik

    when hr ask about your personal interview than u should present yourself in a very +ve way
    1.your name
    3. native place
    4. passion in any field detail but not mention father name
    6. family background
    positive &negative strength
    and finally u should speak in a soft voice

    Posted by: kaushal mandal    

    Contact kaushal  mandal Contact kaushal mandal

    i want to ask something that my schooling was from govt. school so i should be mention school name in interview or not...?

    Posted by: gopal gupta    

    Contact gopal gupta Contact gopal gupta

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