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Question :

Define structural language and procedural language?

Posted by: kalpana on 5/17/2013

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Category C Basics Interview Questions
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Added on 5/17/2013
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COBOL is structure language

C is a procedure language.

Posted by: CEENU

Contact CEENU Contact CEENU


there are two types of structural language.
1.procedure language like c
2.object oriented like c++,java

Posted by: chetanya gupta

Contact chetanya gupta Contact chetanya gupta


Structural language is one which can have a specific structure.
c is a structured language
before structural language procedural language was used.

Posted by: prasanthi

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Structure language is the one which dont have function calls - e.g. COBOL

Procedure langauage is the one which has function calls with structure language feature

Venkat Gopu

Posted by: venkat gopu

Contact venkat gopu Contact venkat gopu


In procedural the program is divided into subprogram and share a common global data.whereas in structured approach the concept sub modules is there which uses their own data member and subprogram and logic in own module.

in last we can say that the modularisation get embeded in structured approach.

Posted by: Deepak kumar

Contact Deepak kumar Contact Deepak kumar


procedural lang:In this type the problem is broken down systematically int smaller,manageable fun units called fun. ex:c
structuerd lang:It is also called object-oriented,an object is a self contained entity whch contains data.An obj typically manages its own data.ex:c++,java.

Posted by: muneeswari

Contact muneeswari Contact muneeswari


Structural Language is COBOL
Procedural Language is c
Object Oriented Language is c++,java
Structural Language is easier than
Procedural Language


Posted by: Satyajeet Shinge

Contact Satyajeet Shinge Contact Satyajeet Shinge


structural language is a COBOL.
procedural language is a c.


Posted by: sanjeev

Contact sanjeev Contact sanjeev


c is a structural language.

Posted by: Anita

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