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    Question :
    Give some applications of oops programming language

    Posted by: Gokul Raj on 12/3/2007

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    Category General Interview Questions
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    Added on 12/3/2007
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    OOP Provides Many Applications:-

    Real time Systesm : -

    A real time system is a system that give output at given instant and its parameters changes at every time. A real time system is nothing but a dynamic system. Dynamic means the system that changes every moment based on input to the system. OOP approach is very useful for Real time system because code changing is very easy in OOP system and it leads toward dynamic behaviour of OOP codes thus more suitable to real time system.

    Simulation and Modelling: -

    System modelling is another area where criteria for OOP approach is countable. Representing a system is very easy in OOP approach because OOP codes are very easy to understand and thus is preffered to represent a system in simpler form.

    Hypertext And Hypermedia : -

    Hypertext and hypermedia is another area where OOP approach is spreading its legs. Its ease of using OOP codes that makes it suitable for various media approaches.

    Decision support system : -

    Decision support system is an example of Real time system that too very advance and complex system. More details is explained in real time system.

    CAM/CAE/CAD System : -

    Computer has wide use of OOP approach. This is due to time saving in writing OOP codes and dynamic behaviour of OOP codes.

    Office Automation System : -

    Automation system is just a part or type of real time system. Embeded systems make it easy to use OOP for automated system.

    AI and expert system : -

    It is mixed system having both hypermedia and real time system.

    Posted by: Durga    

    Contact Durga Contact Durga

    1:Real time systems.

    2:Object Oriented Relational database Management System(OORDBMS).

    3:Artificial Intelligence and Expert System.


    5:System Software

    6:Office Automation System

    7:Neural Networks

    8:Parallel Programming

    Posted by: GURPREET SANDHU    


    -Real Time System
    -Object Oriented Database
    -Simulation & Modeling
    -Hypertext, Hypermedia & Expertext
    -AI and expert System
    -Neural network and parallel programing
    -Decision support System and office automation

    Posted by: Ravi asari    

    Contact Ravi asari Contact Ravi asari

    1)realn time system
    2)Simulation and Modelling
    3)system software
    5)object oriented dbms
    6)expert system
    7)parallel programming

    Posted by: ankit patel    

    Contact ankit patel Contact ankit patel

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