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Question :
What is file pointer and its working method?

Posted by: mohan on 11/27/2012

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Category Pointers in C Interview Questions
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Added on 11/27/2012
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when a pointer is pointing to the address of a file than it is called as a file pointer.
for example:
FILE *fp;
here in above statement we are declaring a file pointer.
there are many modes of opening a file.they are read ,write,append ..
they are as follows..
above statement is opening a file in read mode..

Posted by: kishore reddy

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C communicates with files using a new data type called a file pointer. This type is defined within stdio.h, and written as FILE *. A file pointer called output_file is declared in a statement like

FILE *output_file;

Posted by: Milind Kotibhaskar

Contact Milind Kotibhaskar Contact Milind Kotibhaskar

Basically a file pointer is capable to store address of a file which is created by fopen function.Using this pointer we can do operations(read,write,modify) on the file.



File pointer is the pointer which holds the address of the file which is opened either in read or write or append or binary modes(r,w,a,r+,w+,a+,b).

FILE *fp;

This is the declaration of the file pointer.

Opening of the file is done by any one of the following.

fp = fopen("filename.txt","r"); or
fp = fopen("filename.TXT","w"); or
fp = fopen("filename.DAT","a"); or
fp = fopen("filename","r+"); or
fp = fopen("filename.txt","w+"); or
fp = fopen("filename.txt","a+"); or
fp = fopen("filename.txt","b");

When fopen opens the file successfully, fp holds the address of the first character in the file.

We can read or write into the file using the functions like fread() or fwrite().

After all operations, we have to close the file using fclose(fp);

Posted by: Syed Baseer Ahmed

Contact Syed Baseer Ahmed Contact Syed Baseer Ahmed

File pointer is a pointer which is used in file handling through file pointer we can open the file in write mode and read mode and also closed the file through file pointer.

Posted by: mohit kumar

Contact mohit kumar Contact mohit kumar

A special data type for handling files is defined in the stdio.h header file.

It is called the file pointer and has the syntax FILE*.

File pointers are used to open,read,write and close files.

FILE *file_ptr;

It is advisable to test the file pointer against NULL value if we get back NULL the actual operation /with the file/ has failed.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()

FILE *file_ptr;

if (file_ptr!=NULL)
printf("file created
fclose (file_ptr);
return 0;
{ printf("unable to create file
return 1;


Posted by: Andrew Gecse

Contact Andrew Gecse Contact Andrew Gecse

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