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    Question :
    What is the difference between servlets and jsp?

    Posted by: Mk on 11/18/2007

    Contact Mk Contact Mk
    Category Servlet Interview Questions
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    Added on 11/18/2007
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    In servlet,java will be used to generate dynamic HTML pages,but in JSP,java will be reduced and we can use our custom tags to generate HTML pages.

    Posted by: olymohamed    

    Contact olymohamed Contact olymohamed

    In servlet if any change in your class file you must redeploy again but jsp only one you have to deploy. in compare to servlet jsp reduce code and contains implicit objects.

    Posted by: chitra    

    Contact chitra Contact chitra

    What is the difference between servlets and Java Server Pages? Which is preferred?
    Servlets and Java Server Pages are complementary APIs, both providing a means for generating dynamic Web content. A servlet is a Java class implementing the javax.servlet.Servlet interface that runs within a Web or application server's servlet engine, servicing client requests forwarded to it through the server. A Java Server Page is a slightly more complicated beast. JSP pages contain a mixture of HTML, Java scripts (not to be confused with JavaScript), JSP elements, and JSP directives. The elements in a Java Server Page will generally be compiled by the JSP engine into a servlet, but the JSP specification only requires that the JSP page execution entity follow the Servlet Protocol.

    The advantage of Java Server Pages is that they are document-centric. Servlets, on the other hand, look and act like programs. A Java Server Page can contain Java program fragments that instantiate and execute Java classes, but these occur inside an HTML template file and are primarily used to generate dynamic content. Some of the JSP functionality can be achieved on the client, using JavaScript. The power of JSP is that it is server-based and provides a framework for Web application development. Rather than choosing between servlets and Java Server Pages, you will find that most non-trivial applications will want to use a combination of JSP and servlets. In fact, the JSP 1.1 and Servlet 2.2 specifications are based around the concept of the Web application, combining the two APIs into a unified framework.

    Posted by: hariharan    

    Contact hariharan Contact hariharan

    (1)Bits of HTML embedded in java code.(2) Suitable for coding business layer of enterprise application.(3)Created and maintained by Java programmers

    (1) Bits of java code embedded in HTML.
    (2)Suitable for coding presentation layer of enterprise application
    (3)Created and maintained by Web designers.

    Posted by: Margi Pancholi    

    Contact Margi Pancholi Contact Margi Pancholi

    JSP page has both presentation logic and business logic but servlet has only business logic and presentation logic is present in html file

    Posted by: sai    

    Contact sai Contact sai

    Jsp is nothing but a servlet.jsp is transfered to servlet by jsp engine.after converting it acts like a servlets static content and dynamic content are combined.we can avoid this using jsp.we can separate static content from dynamic this makes the application very flexible.

    Posted by: ranjith    

    Contact ranjith Contact ranjith

    servlets will allow only java code ie other than java code like html,javascript can be written in out.println()statements only.but,jsp allows us code other than java also.jsp dirctly allows us to write templet text,scripts,jstl,java code

    Posted by: ranjith    

    Contact ranjith Contact ranjith

    In jsp html pages with javacode embedded inside of them.In servlets java programs with html embedded inside of them.

    Posted by: priya.s    

    Contact priya.s Contact priya.s

    In servlet java code can't embedded wih servlet's custome tag.
    In jsp java code can embedded with jsp's custome tag

    Posted by: Baskar    

    Contact Baskar Contact Baskar

    JSP contains more static content and less dynamic content but servlet contains more dynamic and less static content.

    Posted by: muthu    

    Contact muthu Contact muthu

    Servlet contains very indepth coding to develop any servlet web application.And also all logics are implemented in same servlets we get page centric problem.There is no implicits objects and by default servlet is not a threadsafe.It is not participating session by default.javax.servlet package.

    when compare to servlets....
    In jsp,Indepth java coding is reduced because of custom tags is used.And Business,Data acess logics are developed in different webpages.It means presentation logics are developed in jsp page and data acess logic developed in JavaBean class.It eliminates pagecentric problem. Jsp have its own implicit objects provided by container.Bydefault its participating in session.It is the subpackage of javax.servlet.jsp package.But both are available in same server.

    Posted by: venkateswara reddy gunapati    

    Contact venkateswara reddy gunapati Contact venkateswara reddy gunapati

    servlet:-1)mainly for business logic.
    2)once compled a servlet,if any modifications then once again complie and re-deploy.
    3)no implicit objects.

    jsp:-1)mainly for presentation logic.
    2)want to make changes go to the source jsp file and make changes,not need any recompilation.
    3)implicit objects are there.

    **** jsp== servlet ****

    because,even if u write any jsp file at the back a servlet will be generated.
    (for example if u r using tomcat as server then in "work directory "of tomcat there u can find the servlet.

    Posted by: M.Santosh Kumar    

    Contact M.Santosh Kumar Contact M.Santosh Kumar

    servlet is runs on the server.It has only business logic. jsp is mixing of html and java.
    JSP page has both presentation logic and business logic.

    Posted by: Rahman khan    

    Contact Rahman khan Contact Rahman khan

    JSP is used mainly for presentation only. A JSP can only be HttpServlet that means the only supported protocol in JSP is HTTP. But a servlet can support any protocol like HTTP, FTP, SMTP etc.

    Posted by: Sanjay Deorari    

    Contact Sanjay Deorari Contact Sanjay Deorari

    servlet is html with in java where as jsp is java within html. so it is easy to write the jsp code.

    . servlet is compiled language where as jsp is interprited language.

    Posted by: yaser    

    Contact yaser Contact yaser

    The main difference between servlets and jsp is that servlets support all protocols while jsp supports only HTTP protocol.

    Posted by: Sahiti    

    Contact Sahiti Contact Sahiti

    Servlet is the java code inside HTML
    where as JSP is the HTML inside java code..........

    Posted by: janardan    

    Contact janardan Contact janardan

    to develop a servlet, a programmer should known the complete knowledge on java but where as to develope a jsp a little bit of knowledge is enough because custom tags make the work easy and allows the developer and user make the code to understand easy

    Posted by: KISHORE    

    Contact KISHORE Contact KISHORE

    servelet and java server pages are complementary API's.both providing a means for generating dynamic web content...

    Posted by: mahesh    

    Contact mahesh Contact mahesh

    I would prefer servlet cos jsp are slower than servlets as they are first required to converted in java code and then serv to the users.

    Posted by: Piyush    

    Contact Piyush Contact Piyush

    jsp is nothing but a pre-compiled servlet .

    Posted by: Thanuja    

    Contact Thanuja Contact Thanuja

    jsp is by default Thread safe and servlet is by default not threadsafe . Jsp have separate area to Business and presentation logic,but in servlet at same area provide both logics(business and presentation)

    Posted by: Nag    

    Contact Nag Contact Nag

    servlet: its a java class so for every change we have to
    compile the code to reflect the change.Mainly using for
    writing business logics.

    jsp:its a file, its automatically converted into a servlet
    on deploying. We can't compile it explicitly.the changes
    will get reflect by saving the file.Its mainly used for
    presentation of data

    Posted by: MANISH Kumar    

    Contact MANISH Kumar Contact MANISH Kumar

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