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    Question :
    What are your weak points?
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    Category HR Interview Questions
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    Added on 5/21/2007 7:03:06 PM
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    Better to say your weak point will be advantageous for the company in other way like if some problem is annoying you,then u work more to solve the problem etc...

    Posted by: Pratap Dangeti    

    Contact Pratap Dangeti Contact Pratap Dangeti

    Say something, which does not relate to your current profile and the profile for which you came. For example: Bad Handwriting.

    Posted by: Nikhil Rattan Bhardwaj    

    Contact Nikhil Rattan Bhardwaj Contact Nikhil Rattan Bhardwaj

    The main weak point is that I will react to injustice.

    Posted by: priyanka    

    Contact priyanka Contact priyanka

    I m workaholic.

    Posted by: mohit    

    Contact mohit Contact mohit

    the weak point should not be relate with your profile and your education by which you have come in the company for giving interview.

    Posted by: akhilesh    

    Contact akhilesh Contact akhilesh

    My weakness is that I am too much focused on my world. So I need to get some time for developing my hobbies and my family.

    Posted by: Deepa    

    Contact Deepa Contact Deepa

    I am hardworking person.

    Posted by: Pawan Pandey    

    Contact Pawan Pandey Contact Pawan Pandey

    never say exactly what is your weak point rather use a term which will signifies your weak point but its potential in the company like being a workaholic, getting into the work and not coming out of it unless and until I'll finish that work.

    Posted by: priyadarshini    

    Contact priyadarshini Contact priyadarshini

    i am emotional.

    Posted by: inder    

    Contact inder Contact inder

    i'm too detail oriented trying hard to control that...

    Posted by: K.RAGHUVARAN    


    Since I am workaholic, getting into the work and not coming out of the department unless and until I will finish that work. Second main important thing is very soon I will react to injustice.

    Posted by: Tejaswani    

    Contact Tejaswani Contact Tejaswani

    I am a hard worker and result oriented person.. i am expecting same from my team members..

    Posted by: Nisha    

    Contact Nisha Contact Nisha

    Never say any single weak point which is related to your carrier nor to the interview you've come for. That may definitely effect your performance in the interview. Nevertheless, if you feel that you have any, try to overcome henceforth, provided you don reveal the same to any one.

    Posted by: Kowsalya    

    Contact Kowsalya Contact Kowsalya

    1) lack of patience
    2) cannot say no to anyone

    Posted by: VAIBHAV MAHAJAN    


    Say == which does not relate to your current profile and the profile for which you came. For example: no sing any song..

    Posted by: Deep    

    Contact Deep Contact Deep

    I sometimes push my people too hard. I like to work with a sense of urgency and everyone is not always on the same wavelength.

    Posted by: Nagajothi    

    Contact Nagajothi Contact Nagajothi

    my weakness is i can try to resolve my mistakes

    Posted by: saravanan    

    Contact saravanan Contact saravanan

    I strive hard to be a perfectionist and expect my team to be the same. If i have assigned a task to somebody and he/she produces a shoddy work then i loose my shirt forgetting that all humans are not alike and probably he/ she requires a little more time to learn things

    Posted by: jasvinder    

    Contact jasvinder Contact jasvinder

    Frankly speaking I do not know what my weak point is. So, that might be a weakness.

    Posted by: Suman Kumar Paul    

    Contact Suman Kumar Paul Contact Suman Kumar Paul

    Trusting People easily as it sometimes put me in trouble...

    Posted by: Sushmita    

    Contact Sushmita Contact Sushmita

    I am not a hard worker

    Posted by: gopinath maharana    

    Contact gopinath maharana Contact gopinath maharana

    i want to tale u my weak weak point is i m littlibit sentimental,i m might type person

    Posted by: AMOL KATRKAR    


    FOOD is my week point. at times i consume more food that makes me feel sleepy.

    Posted by: Ameya    

    Contact Ameya Contact Ameya

    though it is a team work i take too much responsibility when things are really not doing good.Too much responsibility is not good and i am trying to over come and relax myself

    Posted by: J.E.Kavitha    

    Contact J.E.Kavitha Contact J.E.Kavitha

    I lose patience and go frustrated when i encounter irresponsibility and injustice in the society. I ignore the world till i achieve perfection in an activity or work.

    Posted by: Swamy k    

    Contact Swamy k Contact Swamy k

    Everyone has some weak points,me too.
    My weak point is,,i need get motivated continuously during my work.So i talk my family members,my friends which make me reboosted again.

    Posted by: akash deep    

    Contact akash deep Contact akash deep

    Sometimes am emotional person.

    Posted by: gopal    

    Contact gopal Contact gopal

    Investing most of time for getting work done is my greatest weakness

    Posted by: Venugopal    

    Contact Venugopal Contact Venugopal

    over confidence is my weak

    Posted by: loganathan    

    Contact loganathan Contact loganathan

    when m in work .. i need all my group members working hard or as much as me..

    Posted by: nithin    

    Contact nithin Contact nithin

    actually, i cant take decision very easily on big issues (deal), so i have need time to think....

    Posted by: neeta sharma    

    Contact neeta sharma Contact neeta sharma

    my weakness is that,i m not frank with new people ,so they may get irritated sometimes.& i don't like lazy people in the team to work with.

    Posted by: neetu    

    Contact neetu Contact neetu

    frankly told that i don't know what is my weak point, but from my experience,can't say no to anyone I think it's my weakpoint

    Posted by: lucky    

    Contact lucky Contact lucky

    I can not say no to people

    Posted by: koushik misra    

    Contact koushik misra Contact koushik misra

    my weakpoint is my workholic nature.when am in work i dont mind anything until my work is may impact others sumtimes.

    Posted by: sweety    

    Contact sweety Contact sweety

    sometime iam very nurves feel.

    Posted by: pushpendra singh    

    Contact pushpendra singh Contact pushpendra singh

    everyone have one have weakpont in this world.even u may also hav a weak point.yes, i also havin tryin to overcome that.

    Posted by: vel k    

    Contact vel k Contact vel k

    i am not jovial in nature.i am only focus on my work when i am in they may not catch my point easily so that i have to overcome those things.

    Posted by: Maheswari.T    

    Contact Maheswari.T Contact Maheswari.T

    i am a less talkitv it always wrk for me as a strength bcoz whnever i say ne thng ol take as heavy wrds nd follow me secondly at d same tym am a gud listener........

    Posted by: kanika    

    Contact kanika Contact kanika

    goat are the for that successful is the great man and called for the success and cry on every thing

    Posted by: gggjhgjh    

    Contact gggjhgjh Contact gggjhgjh

    i believe everyone fastly.

    Posted by: Mayank gupta    

    Contact Mayank gupta Contact Mayank gupta


    Posted by: GAYATRI    

    Contact GAYATRI Contact GAYATRI

    spending more time on dictionaries and news papers is my weakpoint. from this i may lost my valuable time.that might be a weakness

    Posted by: swathy    

    Contact swathy Contact swathy

    nice comments.............i think this all are really xpressed.....

    Posted by: chinna krishna reddy.g    

    Contact chinna krishna reddy.g Contact chinna krishna reddy.g

    My week point is i believe everything easily

    Posted by: Srinu    

    Contact Srinu Contact Srinu

    I strongly believe that my weak point is lack of patience and believe everyone.

    Posted by: sowjanya    

    Contact sowjanya Contact sowjanya

    My weak point is that i dont hav communication skills . currently am working on my communication skills.

    Posted by: Reshma    

    Contact Reshma Contact Reshma

    my weakness is my straight forwardness some times my friends did any mistake i frankly saying u did mistake so on that time my friends became enemies on me

    Posted by: Raji    

    Contact Raji Contact Raji

    my weak point is i trust people easily.that back fires on me most of the time.

    Posted by: kanika kaushik    

    Contact kanika kaushik Contact kanika kaushik

    I had mentioned that i am little weak from presentation point of view. But i had also tried to turn this into a positive one, saying that am working on this one to improve.

    Posted by: Bikas Pal    

    Contact Bikas Pal Contact Bikas Pal

    telling your weak point is like you are giving your ruling wand to the company you are going to work in. Better answer it humorously like stopping others to smoke etc.

    Posted by: sima kareem    

    Contact sima kareem Contact sima kareem

    my communication skill is my weak point am good enough in English but sometime m unable to understand people exactly what i want to say

    or you can say if u r hesitating then say my weakpoint is m getting nervous whenever i meet to new people so m improving or m working on that

    Posted by: ashok singh    

    Contact ashok singh Contact ashok singh

    My weakness is i won't get sleep until completion fo my work.I feel uncomfortable of my work. so, after completion fo my work will go to sleep

    Posted by: basavaraj b kumbar from mantur     

    Contact basavaraj b kumbar  from mantur Contact basavaraj b kumbar from mantur

    my weakness is
    1. I loose my patience when the work is done not properly. or

    2. I am open minded.

    Posted by: sumana     

    Contact sumana Contact sumana

    my weakness point is that i always accepts challege and never turn back untill finished..

    Posted by: sunny    

    Contact sunny Contact sunny

    i fell uncomfortable untill i have completed my work

    Posted by: sudheer    

    Contact sudheer Contact sudheer

    Sleetping early is my very big weak point. I cant control on my sleep...

    Posted by: Priya    

    Contact Priya Contact Priya

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