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Question: What is struts flow? Explain in detail

Answer: Struts is a open source implementation of MVC design pattern to develop large scale web applications.Struts framework makes it easier to design realible,scalable web applications in java.Struts is not only thread safe but also thread dependent.It instantiates each action once and allows others to be threaded through the original object.Struts reduces the for redundant jsp's.ActionForm stratagy reduces the need of sub class hierarchy.

Struts is a light weight package.It consists of 5 core packages and 5 tag lig directories.

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Question: What is struts flow? Explain in detail


Struts is a open source implementation of MVC design pattern to develop large scale web applications.Struts framework makes it easier to design realible,scalable web applications in java.Struts is not only thread safe but also thread dependent.It instantiates each action once and allows others to be threaded through the original object.Struts reduces the for redundant jsp's.ActionForm stratagy reduces the need of sub class hierarchy.

Struts is a light weight package.It consists of 5 core packages and 5 tag lig directories.

whenever client send request first it goes to CONTROLLER part(ActionServlet)it reads the request data& decides about which action should be performed to process the client request after that it forwards to the appropriate action class(MODEL part)where the functionality code(bussiness logic) will be there, from this MODEL part the control goes back to CONTROLLER part from here the appropriate jsp pages(VIEW part) can be picked up for presenthing(displaying) the result on the clients browser. Source:

Answered by: ranjith yadav | Date: 10/5/2007 | Contact ranjith yadav Contact ranjith yadav

when ever client sends a request, first it will reads the web.xml and creates a action servlet object and wc(webcontainer) calls the init()on action servlet.The struts code that is part of a init()reads the information that is available in the StrutsConfig.xml and executes the appropriate action class with the help of action mapping that is part of a SC.xml. Source:

Answered by: madhu | Date: 10/27/2008 | Contact madhu Contact madhu

Struts is a framework with set of cooperating classes, servlets and JSP tags that make up a reusable MVC 2 design.

> Client (Browser): A request from the client browser creates an HTTP request. The Web container will
respond to the request with an HTTP response, which gets displayed on the browser.
> Controller (ActionServlet class and Request Processor class): The controller receives the request from the browser, and makes the decision where to send the request based on the struts-config.xml.
Design pattern: Struts controller uses the command design pattern by calling the Action classes based on the configuration file struts-config.xml and the RequestProcessor class?s process() method uses template
method design pattern (Refer Q11 in How would you go about ? section) by calling a sequence of methods
? processPath(request, response):- read the request URI to determine path element.
?processMapping(request,response):- use the path information to get the action mapping
?processRoles(request,respose,mapping):- Struts Web application security which provides an authorization scheme. By default calls request.isUserInRole(). For example allow /addCustomer action if the role is executive.
<action path=?/addCustomer? roles=?executive?>
?processValidate(request,response,form,mapping):- calls the vaildate() method of the ActionForm.
?processActionCreate(request,response,mapping):- gets the name of the action class from the ?type? attribute of the <action> element.
?processActionPerform(req,res,action,form,mapping):- This method calls the execute method of the Action class which is where business logic is written.
> Business Logic (Action class): The Servlet dispatches the request to Action classes, which act as a thin wrapper to the business logic (The actual business logic is carried out by either EJB session beans and/or plain Java classes). The action class helps control the workflow of the application. (Note: The Action class
should only control the workflow and not the business logic of the application). The Action class uses the Adapter design pattern
> ActionForm class: Java representation of HTTP input data. They can carry data over from one request to another, but actually represent the data submitted with the request.
> View (JSP): The view is a JSP file. There is no business or flow logic and no state information. The JSP should just have tags to represent the data on the browser.
ActionServlet class is the controller part of the MVC implementation and is the core of the framework. It processes user requests, determines what the user is trying to achieve according to the request, pulls data from
the model (if necessary) to be given to the appropriate view, and selects the proper view to respond to the user.
As discussed above ActionServlet class delegates the grunt of the work to the RequestProcessor and Action classes.
The ActionForm class maintains the state for the Web application. ActionForm is an abstract class, which is subclassed for every input form model. The struts-config.xml file controls, which HTML form request maps to
which ActionForm.
The Action class is a wrapper around the business logic. The purpose of the Action class is to translate the HttpServletRequest to the business logic. To use the Action class, subclass and overwrite the execute() method.
The actual business logic should be in a separate package or EJB to allow reuse of business logic in protocol independent manner (ie the business logic should be used not only by HTTP clients but also by WAP clients, EJB clients, Applet clients etc). Source:

Answered by: modi | Date: 2/1/2009 | Contact modi Contact modi

Struts is a framework that follows MVC2 design pattern. Below is the high level flow of struts framework.

Whenever user submits the JSP page, lets assume login page, whenever user gives user name and password and clicks on submit, first it goes to controller (struts-config.xml) and verifies the correcponding action like in login.jsp, if user clicks on SUBMIT button suppose it should go to /, then corresponding login action will be invoked in struts-config.xml.

Based on the validate parameter value of struts action, control will go to either form.Validate() (if validate=true in struts-config) or action.performAction() (if validate=false in struts-config), and once the form validate is executed with out any action errors, action class will be executed and from action class --> command class --> Service class --> DAO Class and once all the business logic is done then based on the <forward> tag in action of struts config corresponding view will be displayed.

This is the high level flow.


Answered by: Venu | Date: 12/22/2009 | Contact Venu Contact Venu

Struts is an MVC2 framework that provides utilites like "Tiles","Validator Pluggin" and custom Tags Libraries(JSP Tags and HTML Tags) for developing Web applications.

It was originally created by Craig R. McClanahan and then donated to the Jakarta project of the Apache Software Foundation in 2000.

Struts application contains following:
1) Centralized File-based configuration (struts-config.xml)
Action Servlet (Controller)

2) JSP/HTML Pages (View)

3) Java Beans (Model)

Generally, Struts 1.2 is used to build a project, despite Struts 2.0 has been launched. Source:

Answered by: Preetesh | Date: 4/27/2010 | Contact Preetesh Contact Preetesh

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