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Question :
Difference between Stored Procedure and Trigger

Category SQL Interview Questions
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Added on 8/12/2011
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Information related to Stored procedure you can see in USER_SOURCE,USER_OBJECTS(current user) tables.

Information related to triggers stored in USER_SOURCE,USER_TRIGGERS (current user) Tables.

Stored procedure can't be inactive but trigger can be Inactive.

we can call stored procedure explicitly.

but trigger is automatically invoked when the action defined in trigger is done.
create trigger <trig_Name> after Insert on <table>

this trigger invoked after we insert something on that table.

Posted by: sathyaajh

Contact sathyaajh Contact sathyaajh

Triggers are used to initiate a particular activity after fulfilling certain condition.It need to define and can be enable and disable according to need.

Posted by: Amit

Contact Amit Contact Amit

Triggers get invoked automatically when the event specified in it gets fulfilled, it can't return any value.So user have no control over it's invocation.Whereas stored procedure can be called as per application requirement and can get output parameters.

Posted by: nilambari

Contact nilambari Contact nilambari

stored procedure is a block of code contains sql statements.
stored procedure is a precompiled block of code,which need not be compiled for every time calling.

trigger is a user defined constraint it has to be called when situation araises.

Posted by: pushpa g

Contact pushpa g Contact pushpa g

Triggers once defined are called automatically, there can be no explicit invocation
Stored procedure has to be called explicitly, moreover procedures can return values, triggers can't

Posted by: mahendra

Contact mahendra Contact mahendra

Stored procedure used to perform operation. but trigger used to prevent operation.

Posted by: Roobesh

Contact Roobesh Contact Roobesh

1. trigger doesnot except argument
but store procedure does.
2. trigger cannot be local and store as a stand alone object in database.
but store procedure can be store in package.
3. Trigger execute implicitly whereas store procedure execute via
procedure call from another block.

Posted by: Nitin

Contact Nitin Contact Nitin

you will have to call stored procedure but trigger automatically called

Posted by: Shabbir Alam

Contact Shabbir Alam Contact Shabbir Alam

PROCEDURE-> means it will call the specified function,when we assumed it before.procedure is active.
TRIGGER-> trigger are active for after fulfilling the specified conditions.

Posted by: sandhya

Contact sandhya Contact sandhya

We can call stored procedure explicitly.but Trigger is invoked implicitly.

procedures are invoked by the user whereas triggers are invoked by the system.

procedure can be created with out a table but a trigger can't be created with out table.

procedures accept parameters where as triggers can't.

procedures return a value,triggers can't return any value.

Posted by: ajay

Contact ajay Contact ajay

commit,savepoint and rollback
are not allowed in triggers.
We can write commit,savepoint and rollback in procedures.

Posted by: Milind

Contact Milind Contact Milind

Triggers are used to initiate a particular activity after fulfilling certain condition.It need to define and can be enable and disable according to need.

Posted by: william

Contact william Contact william

commit,savepoint and rollback
are not allowed in triggers.
We can write commit,savepoint and rollback in procedures.

But we can add commit,rollback in trigger by adding next Line:
Autonomous Transaction

Posted by: Swapnil Bhosale

Contact Swapnil Bhosale Contact Swapnil Bhosale

Stored procedures are used to perform a task and should be invoked explicitly using exec.
Triggers are used to restrict invalid transactions and invokes(fires) implicitly when an dml manipulation happens

Posted by: kiran

Contact kiran Contact kiran

A Stored Procedure is set of pre-compiled sql statements which are stored in memory. These statements are executed by executing that procedure which display results based on arguments passed to that procedure.

A trigger is invoked automatically when any operation (insertion,deletion and updation) is performed on particular table.Triggers are used to record events performed on table.

Posted by: Rajiv

Contact Rajiv Contact Rajiv

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