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    Latest 20 Questions
    Debit note issued are used to prepare _______ a) Sales Return Book b) Purchase Return Book c) Journal Proper d) Purchase Book
    Total of the Purchase Return Book is posted to the _________ side of Purchase Return Account in the ledger: a) Debit b) Credit c) No where d) None of these
    Which of the following is not a subsidiary book? a) Sales Book b) Purchases Book c) Cash Book d) B/R Book
    Purchase of furniture on credit should be recorded in _________ a) Purchase Book b) Sales Book c) Cash Book d) Journal
    A note sent by buyer on return of goods is: a) Debit Note b) Credit Note c) Return Note d) None
    Total of Sales Book will be posted: a) In Debit side of Sales Account b) In Credit side of Purchases Account c) In Credit side of Sales Account d) In Debit side of Sales return account
    Trade discounts are: a) Recorded in the books b) Not recorded in the books c) Not used for determining the net price d) Used for specific purposes in accounting
    The source document or voucher used for recording entries in sales book is: a) Invoice received b) Invoice sent out c) Credit notes sent out d) Debit notes received
    Purchase of fixed assets on credit basis is recorded in: a) Purchase Book b) Cash Book c) Journal Proper d) Journal
    A _______ is sent to a customer when he returns goods: a) Debit Note b) Credit Note c) Proforma Invoice d) None of the above
    PURCHASE BOOK is used to record: a) All purchases of goods b) All credit purchases c) All credit purchases of goods d) All credit purchases of assets
    Goods sold for cash Rs. 10,000 plus 10% sales tax.Sales A/c will be credited by: a) Rs. 11,000 b) Rs. 10,000 c) Rs. 9,000 d) None
    Total of the sales book for March indicates: a) Total sales for the month b) Total credit sales for the month c) Total cash sales for the month d) Total sales less sales return
    The total of the Purchase Day Book is posted periodically to the: a) Debit of purchases A/c b) Credit of purchases A/c c) Cash Book d) None of these
    Under inductive method , the logic proceeds from: a)General to particulars b)Particular to general c)Both (a) and (b) d)None
    Which of the following falls under micro economics? a)National income b)General price level c)Factor pricing d)National saving and investment
    Under a free economy ,prices are: a)Regulated b)Determined through free interplay of demand and supply c)Partly Regulated d)None of these
    In which type of economy do consumers and producers make their choices based on the market forces of demand and supply? a)Open Economy b)Controlled Economy c)Command Economy d)Market Economy
    The branch of economic theory that deals with the problem of allocation of resources is: a)Micro Economics b)Macro Economics c)Econometrics d)None of these
    Economics is the study of mankind in the ordinary business of life was given by: a)Adam Smith b)Lord Robbins c)Alfred Marshall d)Samuelson

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